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    12 Hours Kuva Fortress Survival run

  2. waypoint fixing when?ty for update
  3. 01. IGN: Teonanacatl.02. MR: 2103. In game: ~730hrs since 201704. Country: Russia05. Language: Russian, English06. Discord: Teonanacatl.#203707. Want to join: Quasars or Quasars Lite08. Players known in clan: --Q--NamenBars, --Q--Plenigni, --Q--EValueAction, Hentides (--Q--Nillioniel)09. Interested in competitve stuff (events, wr, challenges,speedruns & etc)
  4. --Q--Teo

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.2

    fix Zenistar