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  1. Yep, can confirm this happens for me too and it really needs to be fixed.
  2. I have the same issue and at this point it's starting to ruin the game for me, because it wasn't until this started happening that I realized just how much of my average Credit income came from Credit Caches. All my Foundry and Syndicate progress has slowed to a crawl as I can no longer get credits from Laomedeia, Neptune and my income from Bounties, Excavation, Survival, Spy, Interception and Defense missions is greatly reduced. Plus it feels really, really bad when I do any of the above missions and the drops from both A rotations and the B rotation are all Credit Caches that, therefo
  3. TYPE: In-Game, sub-type Mission Rewards DESCRIPTION: I do not get the credits from any Credit Caches at the end of missions. The number of Credit Caches I got and the amount of credits I should get for them are displayed correctly on the Mission Complete screen, but the credits are not actually added to my credit total. All other sources of credits work, Mission Credit pickups and the Credit Reward for completing the mission work, so does selling mods and other inventory items. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: It seems account-bound. The other people who have this bug I've talked to repo
  4. I can confirm this happening for me as well. I needed credits since I only had 5k left, so I did Laomedeia on Neptune, since that rewards only Credit Caches and the occasional Universal Medallion. Did three full rounds of Disruption, got 81k from it being my first mission of the way, 31k from pickups and x11 10k credit caches for a total of 110k Credits. Except that I didn't actually get the credits for those credit caches. And since Laomedeia, as mentioned, gives only credit caches, that means I did three full rounds of Disruption for no ding-dang reward at all. (Ok, technically I
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