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  1. Does Sacrifice Twitch Drop will reapear? It would be nice to have it
  2. Bruh they warned us that there will be some gap betwen episodes :v You have no point in complaining here. As for sync with consoles, I'm preety ok with that. I'm think EVERY Warframe player on EVERY platform should have EQUAL rights for having fun with new updates at THE SAME time. Sadly consoles updates policy is more strict than PC one.
  3. EXCALIBUTT93 Age: 25 Likes: Hacking and slashing, K-Driving trough Orb Vallis Dislikes: Plauge, Ascaris, Stalker About me: I'm lonely swordsman, seeking for something more than "adventure" but I don' mind to practice some "swordplaying" with you.
  4. Welp that's nice and all but what about Stalker Noggle? I know that it was given as promo code when Second Dream was released, and that it was given from time to time as Twich drop, but it would be nice to buy it/get it now. Are there any chances for that?
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