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  1. Just needs a giant rusty cleaver
  2. I could get behind that, as it stood it was just a single body with two heads, so it'd have still been a single moding system started thinking their element switches based on command
  3. First ability is basically an exalted weapon, and yes kinda like frosts with greater CC and heat to ignite 3rd, as for the "meteor" I was thinking shed charge a fire ball in her "mouth" and fire upward, that said don't forget Wisp opens a portal to the sun. Frames tend to pull off some pretty mystical b.s. lol
  4. Pretty simple concepts its in the title. What im proposing is one to two full Tenno outfits to trade for syndicate standing for each of the six main syndicates. Ive always wanted my own version of the syndicate outfits their operatives wear when they go out on mission with you, it'd also be nice to have a second look based on any of the leaders, or unique looking members like Eudico. Plus with Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence we could get our own version of Grineer or corpus outfits.
  5. Well for me the idea started with the abilities tar pit and meteor. The idea of trapping enemies in a hot burning sticky tar and dropping a meteor that explodes and burns. So a dino theme was the logical conclusion, next was what abilities would complement the other two, a CC weapon to slap enemies into the tar, and a quick way to ignite it, so ankilo themed shield weapon and raptor claws on the feet. I was also thinking shed be the female counter part to Chroma, while Chroma is dragon themed hes also basically a knight wearing a dragon pelt, so then the idea of esthetics originally I wanted her to be very raptor or trex like but then the idea that a frame like Oberon gets to basically be every type of ungulet, rhinos is every massive beast. So why not allow her to have say a triceratops themed helm, besides how many dino themed frames do you think we'd get if we even got one? But that was just my thought process on fleshing her out.
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