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  1. I need help, I live in Sao Paulo - Brazil, now it's 12:00 pm here, does anyone know the schedule that would start Prime Time? (I could not use the site, I found it somewhat confusing) obs: using google translator, sorry
  2. I really like the operator mode (keep it up, this is great), but the moves are horrible. As a Zenurik user, remove this passive channeling and do something like the old energy flow.
  3. ThiagoSampaio

    Hydroid Prime: Update 21.6.0

    Awyeaah babeeee!
  4. ThiagoSampaio

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.2

    Thanks for the Hydroid fix, keep up the great work on it!
  5. ThiagoSampaio

    Rising Tide Contest is Live!

    This is Hydroid, a deadly mystery from the depths.
  6. ThiagoSampaio

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.1

    Hydrois is in a good position now, just a few more QoLs and keeping enemies on Undertow while using Tidal Surge would be enough. Do not reduce this damage from Undertow, we can finally cause great damage now
  7. ThiagoSampaio

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.5.1

    You guys did a great job DE! Hydroid is much more usable now, with enough synergy, good CC and great damage. I just made a practically solo raid/sorties without any problems. But please, do not stop improving for now and for God's sakes, do not remove anything that has already been implemented, especially this Undertow damage. And as soon as possible, make sure that by using Tidal Surge inside the Undertow, the enemies remain inside, without escaping the Undertow. Thank you in advance! (Sorry for the spelling errors, I'm using google translate xD)
  8. ThiagoSampaio

    Server Maintenance Complete!

    Don't ignore us
  9. ThiagoSampaio

    Server Maintenance Complete!

    my credits boost!