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  1. To hop in on this bandwagon, many of my complaints about the console UI stem from there being too much clutter. My main complaint stems from navigating the Foundry where the vast majority of blueprints I own are for things that I have already crafted and/or mastered. While I appreciate the ability to see everything I own, sorting by whether or not I can craft something is insufficient in the sense that I can likely craft most things, so any new BP gets buried somewhere. It would be really nice to have a way to toggle mastered/crafted (or have it sortable as such) to identify anything new. Perhaps a further point, having Warframe component BPs flagged as mastered would be nice as well (e.g. Ash Prime is built and mastered on the BP, but Ash Prime Chassis isn't marked as either (as the chassis has been used to built Ash Prime and doesn't carry a mastery in-and-of itself). For the Codex, I would suggest that weapons get broken down a bit more (beyond primary, secondary, melee) to have separate archwing primary, archwing melee, companion weapon categories rather than have them just appear at the end of the existing lists. For End of Mission reports, it would be nice to be able to interact with them during the loading screen back to our orbiters rather than play with our landing craft behind a semi-transparent window. As for there being TMI to display in Warframe, it would be nice for there to be more guidance, especially for button-mapping purposes. I don't generally use 'frames that have abilities that can be selected in-game (e.g.Ivara's Quiver) because in the heat of the moment, I can't figure out how to change type. (Yes, this is also a consequence of being inexperienced with a given frame, so there's no muscle memory to build on, but it's something of a catch-22 of not knowing how to use a 'frame completely and not using it because I don't know how to.) Yes, Warframe is a multi-platform game, but playing on a console makes certain things just that much harder as there are fewer buttons on a controller than keys on a keyboard. (Using RB and LB to flip to different tabs is useful, but on certain menus, also changes the menu AND a tab.)
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