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  1. Even with resource boost and resource drop booster, wasted 80 pl and the fu***ng drones refused to drop it.😠
  2. Still no fix for this: After Atlas Prime launch, the archgun upgrade screen is bugged, it don't show any stat, but only when you select the Heavy Weapon mode, as seen in the screenshot on the original post.
  3. Dear DE: After Atlas Prime launch, the archgun upgrade screen is bugged, it don't show any stat, but only when you select the Heavy Weapon mode, as seen in the screenshot.
  4. This is the major problem with arbitrations, the drop table, as you can see in the screen shot, after 1 hour survival, I got 2x Swift momentum and 1x Seeding step ephemera.... to add to my collection of swift momentum and seeding step ephemera that already have. Pleas DE, move these items to the arbiters shop, is baffling to get the same sh!t, over and over, with items that we need to get once.
  5. Honestly I like the revival option, if I go with my friends and I can revive them, why not? even in public I have no problem reviving them. BUT, maybe if they change the mechanic, if you have to pick manually the tokens pressing a key, so that way you are not forced to get a debuff if you don´t want to. OR, like the whip simulator (aka Sanctuary onslaught), two modes, one with the revive option on and one with the revive option off, so all the team know what they are getting into.
  6. Agree, They should increase the drop chance for vitus scence, and let us buy the mods in the arbiters of hexis store. I guess no one would buy those useless aura mods, so that's why they put in the drop table.
  7. "Combat Discipline: Allies gain 20 Health when they make a kill, but the aura bearer loses 10 Health when the bearer makes a kill.* Melee Guidance: Reduces Melee Combo timer on Self by 6 seconds, increases Melee Combo timer for Allies by 12 seconds* Is this opposite day or amateur hour? Next aura mod: "Every time you do a melee attack there's a 25% chance you hit yourself and die" "Every time you cast your archgun, there's a 10% chance that the gun squish you to dead" FFS!
  8. This sentinel's rifle riven challenge can't be accomplished because you need to equip a pet, I tried with the sentinel equipped, with a pet equipped and obviously it never open. please fix it.
  9. ... ESO is a whip simulator, a mediocre mode where you slide whip-nuke-slide whip-nuke, a brainless boring activity, Also, remember when momentum was removed, and some of the new warframes made OP AF, while the old ones needs desperately a rework, remember the anti climactic battle with the wolf of saturn six, reusing Sargas Ruk's tileset, Remember all the bugs with the eidolons, and so on.... yeah, I agree with you.
  10. is this intentional? Because Wukong's neck looks really weird. When he is idle the "skin"excess is just annoying, but when he is walking, suddenly he has a foreskin in his neck.
  11. Dear DE Could you please fix Wukong? In the last update some one f*cked him up really bad, making him more useless than before, and trying to make him relevant showing us that now he can shake hands with himself. Regards.
  12. I guess we should abandon all hope that you make a REAL rework on wukong? Defy is a joke, armor buff is a joke, the passive is a joke. The community is telling you that this is not a good rework, that we don't like what you did with Wukong, but you still trying to shove up our throat this bullsh*t. Guess this will end like all the things the community told you to fix, and ended forgotten. All hail the joke king! .... my poor wukong
  13. Nah... It's ok bud.... My poor atlas not even with the deluxes skin was saved 😞
  14. that's why they shouldn't touch defy, or make the new armor buff permanently, like Rhino or Nezha or Inaros, what the f*ck was they thinking?? Oh well... I'm with you, I pass this update and the whole game for a long time, my only hope is they dont f*ck up the railjack
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