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  1. I can only hope, this is not another bullet sponge boss, that force us to use the same meta-builds again.
  2. By the way, if you use Nekros, the Reth towers shadows attack but the saturn six fugitives shadows stare at the walls and dont do sh*t.
  3. I did the first one 3 times and only got Tempo Royale, the second one like 5 times and I got 3/4 parts of the wolf sledge. So, maybe not, but that's only my personal experience
  4. Very disappointed, you have this cool looking scenario of saturn six jail for Captura, and you put the epic battle with the Wolf in the exact same scenario of Sargas Ruk, WTF? That's lazy and a waste of a good opportunity.
  5. My second arbitration experience after the recent rework: Interception, 1 hildryn (<- random), 1 rhino (<- random), 1 frost (<- my brother) and 1 nekros (<- that's me) . Hildryns died twice, Frost and me collected the 5 coins (tokens, points??) in no time and revive him. I don't see whats the problem and why people complain about it. Anyway is your choice, if you want to revive your team mates, do it, otherwise let them die and quit the squad.
  6. You probably know this already, but a workaround is to enable balefire first then Aegis Storm. Balefire must stay enable now.
  7. A workaround is to call your archwing inside Deck 12 and again outside in the orb vallis, your pet should spawn next to you.
  8. As someone that makes games too, I can see the hard work, appreciate the mechanic and overall, enjoy a different type of boss fight, this is a step in the right direction, let us enjoy a battle with whatever warframe we want to use, and with our favorite weapon, instead of the forced meta-frame/boomstick Many people forget to enjoy the game and focus only in get in, shoot the boss, get out, rinse and repeat, which make the game boring. If anything, I suggest that in the second phase the boss spawn the little green spiders too, and/or maybe, make she use her blizzard to push the players away/make them slow down. Now try to throw the canister in the middle of the white blizzard! Again, thank you guys and keep the good work.
  9. One thing is feedback, "kid", you just don't like the new boss because reasons, that's a winning brat behavior, nothing nothing constructive. Now if you excuse I'm going enjoy the new boss fight, instead of wasting my time with narrow minded "kids".
  10. Then don't do it. No one is forcing you. Don't like the boss? Fine, go do something else. I don't like sanctuary, but many people enjoy that, so I will not force DE to modify it just because I don't like it. Same thing here, you don't like it, too bad, there's a lot of people, me included, that enjoy this boss.
  11. 1 hour? The whole battle tooks at most, 20 minutes. The spider moves inside the cave, but it have a pattern, once the animation is complete it stays still for a while, then it start moving again, is not that hard to learn the motion pattern.
  12. Deck 12 works fine for me, me and my brother did the mission at least 20 times until yesterday, no errors, no host migration, no bugs whatsoever, we both get the reward, we both extracted without problem. The ability to destroy more than one vent at a time is not a problem, even solo, it dont took too much time, so I dont get why everybody complains like a spoiled brat. The battle is fun, is different, is a refreshing change from all the bullet sponges bosses. Finally, by many comments I read here, I can assure you that many problems are client-side, or there is no problem and you simply don't like the new boss because you can't bragg about your meta-frame and 15k lanka riven... who knows.
  13. Amazed by all the negative comments, for me works perfectly fine, the boss fight is great, not a bullet sponge, not a meta-forced boss. Is fun, is dynamic, is different. I love the cinematics between fights, I love the way the fight start, overall, i love this new update, wonderful job DE.
  14. Another almighty, bullet sponge perhaps?
  15. Is not that bad, is not that hard to do the missions, this argument about the new players is the equivalent of the Simpsons meme "won't someone think of the children"
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