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    I already posted this, but didn't get the confirmation. Is Tenora charged shot charge DPS broken or I misunderstand something? In the picture you can see unmodded stats of charged shot. It deals 230 Damage per shot, but for some reason only 28.75 burst DPS. But Tenora has charge time of 0.8 seconds = 1.25 charged shots per second. So the DPS should be 287.5 instead. I'm wondering if it's got something to do with charged shot and the number of bullets shot interaction?
  2. edge1337

    Warframe Builder

    Tenora charged shot seems to have broken fire rate in calculations. It implies that it's 0.125 (230 damage x 0.125 rate of fire = 28.75 dps), but Tenora charged shot rate of fire is 0.8