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  1. Hello again, Khora Enthusiasts! The time has come to update you all on Khora's Whipclaw changes that you've all been patiently waiting for. In Update 30: Call of the Tempestarii, Khora's Whipclaw line of sight checks will be a little more generous. No longer will small rocks or detailed floor geometry block Whipclaw’s explosion! Enemies that hide behind cover will not be hit by Whipclaw if you hit the front of the object that enemies are hunkering down behind. However, if you strategically hit beside them, you will vanquish your foes. It was mentioned that we would review Tombfi
  2. Greetings Tenno! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is known and will be addressed in a future hotfix. There is a work around that you can use for the time being, as @Dark_Lugiahas pointed out, if those looking forward to capturing Kubrodons for your Nightwave weekly challenge. If you add the Echo-Lure to your gear wheel from your Arsenal, you will able to select it by opening up your gear wheel out on Orb Vallis. We appreciate your patience with this and good luck on your perfect captures out there!
  3. Khora enthusiasts! As you know, we made a change to Khora’s Whipclaw in Update 29.5: Deimos Arcana that added a Line of Sight (LoS) check to its radial damage (AoE). Since then failure to damage enemies within LoS has been reported, which we cover below in this brief overview of what changed, what we know, and next steps. What was changed and why: We made a change to Khora’s Whipclaw that added a minimal Line of Sight (LoS) check on its radial damage (AoE). Meaning enemies within line of sight of the explosion are damaged/affected, while those outside of it are not.
  4. Hello General_Durandal, The best thing to do here is to contact support over at http://support.warframe.com/ Cheers!
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