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  1. Hello JumboDragon! I wasn't able to reproduce this on my own or my teammate's Vulpaphyla. However, since you did mention that it happened in Today's sortie, I have a feeling your Vulpaphyla became radiated in a radiation hazard on Sortie stage three. Radiation causes you to be able to target and harm friendly units. Hopefully that helps out!
  2. We are aware of the issue and should be fixed shortly. I appreciate your patience.
  3. As a fan of Mag myself, I am interested in what's going on here. I will have a look at it. Thanks for the report.
  4. The reproduction was very helpful. Thank you for your reports!
  5. Appreciate the reports, Tenno. I will get someone to look at this!
  6. Hello Adranyl, Could you please unlink your Twitch account and relink it over at https://warframe.com/user ? Double check the Twitch account when you relink. It should fix your issue. If it doesn't please contact support at https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/ Hopefully the unlink and relink solves your issue!
  7. You may have seen our soft launch tonight on Home Time - The Warframe Arsenal Twitch Extension is coming! Official release is a few weeks away, but here is a post-soft launch FAQ! FAQ: When is it launching? After thorough testing we will launch very soon - stay tuned! What is the Warframe Arsenal Twitch Extension? The new Twitch Arsenal Extension will allow you to view the Warframe loadouts of the Twitch channel you are watching when the streamer has the feature enabled. Simply click the 'View Loadout' button on the left hand side to see the War
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