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  1. Point is: We need various rotations on bounties not only to get unvaulted items, but to get new prime items too. Last prime access was fairly hard to obtain, but bounties makes it enjoyable. You know, that chance to get Axi A6 on disruption of Lua is only 4%, right?
  2. I tried hard to get Atlas Prime neuroptics in these three days in a row, but Axi A6 drops only on usual missions (Berehinya - C, Xini - C and etc.) with drop chance like ~10% or something. Sad, that i can't get this relic thru bounties on Earth/Venus... P.S.: Rip 5*4 Axi A6 radiants with bronze and silver drop... Gonna spend several hours to get Axi A6 again. Good luck for me...
  3. It's really funny, just because "Axi A6" (Atlas neuroptics) will drop with ~14% chance or something only on several missions (like rotation C of Berehinya or rotation C of Xini). Want bounties on Earth/Venus? Nope. Want as drop from spider-boss? Nope too. Only boring as hell missions with ridicilous chance. Last prime set can be obtained partially via bounties, but this - not. It's kinda not cool for me...
  4. I can't even enter the game 'cause it crashes every time before login screen. It happens to me after crash from Baro's shop GUI.
  5. I just tried to buy two new cosmetic items from Baro and after i clicked on one, game just crashed. Then i tried to return to the game and... Crash just after starting! I cheked up game cash - all is OK, but after several crashes after game launch i don't know, what to do.
  6. This is first time, when i see this problem. It never happened to me before. I have 16 GB RAM + like 38 GB of pagefile that Windows 10 automatically allocated. I also have enough of free space on my HDD. "sfc /scannow" via PowerShell reported, that OS files are not corrupted. Anti-Virus software didn't seen any viruses itself in my OS. DxDiag says, that all is OK.
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