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  1. I would advise you to speak with @Buff00n, but I can see from his master thread on Mandachord songs he's on a break. Here's the link anyway; perhaps he's already tried making it, or you could leave your request there?
  2. Thank you, @[DE]Connor and the rest of the Dev Team for this. This seems like the right kind of solution to bringing rivens back to their original intention, as you discussed in the first workshop and as I asked of you in my post there: @[DE]Connor My impression of this, taken in context with what's been happening in Warframe over the last couple of years: - riven values should eventually become less extreme as a result of this ongoing process, - which fits with there being no really high-level / difficult content in Warframe, so that players don't have to feel that their weapons won't be ineffective. - The game remains a relatively casual experience, - although it is arguable that you still have some accessibility issues for new players (i.e. newbies still don't really know what they're meant to do in the game without significant hand-holding from an experienced player), and makes me wonder if you need to address this next? - Despite new game modes and content being introduced, for me rivens are the most unique aspect of this game and the biggest incentive for playing, alongside exploring build options for warframes, - but without some kind of mode to really test myself against, a long-term player might feel that there's little point going on (I need more than the Sortie, or sitting in Tavueni for an hour!) 0utlier
  3. @[DE]Rebecca, what I would like to ask is why the team decided to make a Standing system out of this feature. It just seems like an unnecessary complication when there are a limited number of challenges available per week. I cannot see why you couldn't just have each challenge awarding a certain number of Wolf Creds, and adjusting the reward costs in accordance with that. Another option would be to give rewards based on the number of challenges completed over a week, for example. I am sure that the team must have considered their options, but it would be good for us players to know why you decided to create the system this way.
  4. Some quick feedback for Nyx: Granted Nyx is an older frame; despite this I feel that you haven't really explored the theme of mind control fully enough, her abilities all seem rather tame and uninspired. Unfortunately now many other frames have been released which explore the theme of manipulation (e.g. Nekros - Terrify, Mirage, Equinox) leaving Nyx with fewer ways to feel different. Passive: I honestly couldn't tell in my gameplay whether this had any impact. Is this a percentage, and if so, what is it? Suggestions/options: Revert to previous passive. Consider new passive: e.g. Psychic Horror: Enemies within 5-10m have a (small) chance to be paralysed with fear at the sight of Nyx. Mind Control: Prior to the update I always used this as a distraction tool to make groups turn on the controlled target. It seems more often than not that other enemies seem to ignore the controlled one when the ability is cast. Another issue I have with the reworked ability is that the AI tends to prioritise being close to Nyx rather than fighting; most of the time I see the target coming out of the stun animation and running straight towards me afterwards, not attacking enemies along the way (i.e. doing its job) or anything until it's about 5m away from me. Suggestions: Make target draw increased aggro for the cast duration. Target receives damage bonus from all sources during stun period, rather than just Nyx. Give target a "berserk" state - increased aggression, attack speed/fire rate and movement speed. Have AI prioritise combat over proximity to Nyx and/or increase follow range. Psychic Bolts: With a minor Ability Strength upgrade this is especially nice against Grineer, stripping defences completely. It is meant to slow down Infested units but I didn't observe this to any significant degree, and I didn't really try it out against Ancients enough to comment on aura nullification. The Augment Pacifying Bolts is nice for solo play, where enemy groups are reasonably small, but not quite as effective against large hordes of enemies especially when the bolts randomly seek out targets. Suggestions: Have the Bolts prioritise elite units over fodder within a given area (which is Ability Range dependent). Let the number of Bolts scale with an Ability parameter. Chaos: Chaos is fine as it is. The augment Chaos Sphere didn't change and doesn't need to either. Absorb: I have never understood how this ability fits with Nyx, thematically or otherwise; I have never liked it on her and would prefer a new ability, something which plays into her mind control theme, based around predicting the future or nightmares perhaps. It is okay for what it is though, as is Assimilate.
  5. @[DE]Helen, could the Dev Team please consider reviewing how this event works? Having an Acolyte "be discovered" for around 15-20 minutes, then disappearing for another 20-30+ minutes does not encourage what many players would consider fun gameplay and is quite infuriating to those after specific mods. Instead, each 20-minute period when the Acolyte is available becomes a grindy, high-pressure, panicky session to get through as many runs as quickly as possible. Acolytes having a limited "lifespan" of around 72 hours necessitates this behaviour to get the mod drops, some of which are very valuable for weapon builds as I am sure you are aware. Would making a repeatable Stalker/Acolyte quest be a possibility? Or even a "Boss Rush" mode in general, which includes special characters such as the Stalker/Acolytes and has a chance to provide their drops?
  6. I read the other comments you and others made about this. Whilst I think that it is good that DE want to donate money somewhere, what I think we should more concerned about is whether they are being transparent enough about this event. How much money (from platinum purchases, during the event and beforehand) are they making from Tennobaum in the name of raising funds for charity? I'd personally like to see some figures, especially if were someone considering buying plat right now.
  7. I believe the game prevents you from doing this; it comes up with a prompt saying that the recipient always has said item. So no, don't worry! That's what happened to me last year at least.
  8. @[DE]Drew Just want to draw attention to a previous post of mine, for which I have yet to see a resolution. Please address.
  9. @[DE]Connor Some feedback and questions regarding riven dispositions changes: - One of the rules you followed was: Could you please elaborate on this - what precisely do you mean by mid-to-endgame players, and over what time period did you decide to base this on? - Can we expect to see riven disposition changes on a regular basis from now onward? Assuming that you based this on the last six months of data from the players you looked at (which I base on your change for the Supra, which became more popular when Baro Kiteer sold its Vandal version in April of this year), is it safe to assume that another balance will happen next May? - I suggest that in future you need only look at usage values for weapons on the extreme edges of the disposition range, those newly introduced within the review period and those which sit at a disposition of 1.0 to avoid further balancing issues with weapons you have already altered. I would consider my suggestions to be sensible. In truth I felt there was little need for you to look at weapons beyond these groups I have mentioned in this round of changes. - You state that: However, there is an issue in what you have stated and I will attempt to explain. You are attempting to equate a weapon's popularity with its strength by giving so-called strong weapons low dispositions, when in reality popularity is the only measure you have applied. Take the Miter as an example - it has one of the highest dispositions in the game and yet it could be considered a strong weapon capable of high damage on changed shots, high status chance per round leading to heavy slash procs, and able to deal with crowds with innate punchthrough. It has all of the ingredients for a "strong" weapon, so why does it have a high disposition? The answer is that it is not popular amongst the player base you have chosen. So @[DE]Connor, my last questions to you and the rest of the team are these: how do you determine what makes a "strong" weapon and a "weak" one? What is your measure, and from your perspective do riven disposition values reflect this measure combined with popularity in some way or not, if you so care about "weaker" weapons being used more than "stronger" ones and not their popularity? It seems from my perspective that the changes are all rather reactionary to popularity and usage rather than "weapon strength" and you are giving that more weighting, which seemingly contradicts your original intention of rivens being a counterbalance.
  10. For me, having multiple streams open this morning didn't give me multiple drops. Anyone else seeing the same? Only received a total of three so far, but one of them was the Garuda Main Blueprint, which is nice I guess. EDIT: my mistake, I think that blueprint was from the quest. Giving it in a message mislead me.
  11. Hello DE, I was in the middle of the Arbitration when the update deployed and the game forced me out of it when the interception round finished, and it gave me the "Mission Failed" screen. Now I can't rejoin it because the launcher won't update for some reason. I also suspect that I wouldn't be able to try the Arbitration again even if I could because players can only attempt it once per hour. Do you need to address this?
  12. Hey Urlan, thanks for asking. I would say to that firstly that my perception of Onslaught is that wasn't really meant to be played solo, for the very purpose of encouraging team play to keep the kill rate high. I would back that up by pointing to other game modes, past and present, which also encourage team play (some examples being Eidolons, Trials, the latest Strata Relay event). These Saryn/Volt/Equinox builds we have both mentioned which lay waste to entire arenas in Onslaught are most likely against the spirit of what the devs intended. The option to solo Onslaught is there of course, so let's address your question by taking a look at what we know about Onslaught. The point of the game is to maintain a high kill rate to prevent Efficiency from reaching zero. Whilst we could suggest that any Warframe has a chance to clear 8+ rounds with the right equipped and modded weapons, not every Warframe has abilities which deal direct damage and as such some frames are a better choice than others. Some options I thought about: - What if Efficiency loss wasn't entirely based on kill rate? One idea I had is that Warframe Energy expenditure could somehow contribute, which might make crowd-controlling Warframes such as Nyx and Vauban more viable. This would involve changing the mechanics of Onslaught however. - Introduce difficulty tiers, and/or challenges. Essentially Onslaught follows the same mechanics as Challenge Rifts from Diablo 3, so why not adapt some of the same ideas? - What if Warframe abilities could synergise to create new effects? (An idea from an old RPG I used to play back in the day, Chrono Trigger). Two or more abilities from different Warframes combine together to create larger, more damaging AOE effects. For example, Banshee casts Sound Quake and Nezha uses Divine Spears at the same time, causing massive continuous waves of spears which gradually increase in radius. Or Wukong uses Cloud Walker Frost sets up a Snow Globe, resulting in Cloud Walker engulfing an entire room and dealing a Cold DOT. The possibilities are there to be imagined, but it might help diversify team compositions in Onslaught and beyond. There are pitfalls in all these ideas of course, as I'm sure someone will point out, but these are what I came up with quickly to answer you. It is very unlikely any of these would actually happen, I am just another player, but you invited me to give an answer so here it is.
  13. @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Rebecca and any other DE staff, I have just spent the last three days on Onslaught runs for Khora components and I seemingly got very lucky to get them all in that time - must have done around 15 8-round runs total. I haven't really played the Onslaught missions since their release and I wanted to share some feedback for the dev team. I agree with many opinions on here that the drop chances per Khora component aren't brilliant, I would argue that bringing the Main and Systems blueprints up to about the same percentages as rare Prime frame parts from fully-refined relics (~10%) would be appreciated. Having said that, I would suggest that the real problem for acquiring Khora lies in the reward system from Onslaught. - I would like you to consider letting teammates choose which prize to receive every two rounds, akin to endless relic missions. Two rounds of Onslaught last for the same time as one Survival round (5 minutes), so to me that would seem fair. - I like that Onslaught almost requires teamwork to get to higher rounds, unless one runs particular high-range, high-damage builds (Saryn/Volt were quite prevalent in my playthroughs). However the matching system meant that a lot of runs didn't reach 8 rounds because players brought something underleveled which could not survive higher difficulties and hence were a liability of their team, especially when farming for Khora BP/Systems. Is there a way of matching players with only Level 30 frames in their builds together to eliminate this problem? Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated group of four players to take on team missions like this. Outlier
  14. @[DE]Megan, will the team be reconsidering some of the Oxium manufacturing requirements for certain items, in particular Vauban Prime? I've been a regular player of this game for a year and a half or so now, but only recently completed Vauban Prime because of the Capture mission exploit on Galatea, as it simply wasn't possible to accrue that much Oxium from normal gameplay. In fact, I had the Prime parts sat in my inventory for months before I even considered manufacturing him because of the high material requirements, which seemed out of proportion compared to all other warframes.
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