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  1. THANK YOU DE!! Almost had a mini heart attack when red text graced my screen!
  2. DE I very much appreciate your hard work. And in the past 5 years I’ve played I have very rarely been really upset with a change. However, the massive cut to reach on my melee weapons is incredibly frustrating, not to mention condition overload. I understand a need to balance things, in a way, but it just feels like you’ve nerfed everything I really enjoyed about playing this game right into the ground.
  3. I sent you a private msg with some (hopefully) easy instructions to help you post a pic.
  4. I did the cemetery. The infested room was done by fellow clanmate Umbral Hunhow. These are our two separate entries. Something has been happening in my dojo. We have an old cemetery where strange entities have begun some kind of ritual. It seems these entities capture the souls/spirits (whatever you want to call it) of anything innocent and use them to make more of themselves. They have been draining power from that old, dead tree which has mysteriously started producing some kind of weird purple energy. I've seen smaller versions of these entities hiding all over the dojo. I'm fairly certain we are being watched. Why they are observing us and duplicating themselves is something I haven't figured out yet. I'm worried my clanmates and I may find out soon... The Ritual The Mausoleum The Watchers There's also a VERY large critter that has taken residence in our dojo, as well. It's an ominous thing. It's presence has left a heaviness in the dojo. It seems to be more than whatever those things are in the cemetery can handle, however. They send watchers into her lair every so often and they never make it out. Instead, she twists them into these strange, violent creatures which she uses to protect her eggs. I have a feeling as quickly as her infestation spreads and the amount of eggs she continually produces that there's something staggeringly destructive at play. It seems more than coincidence that creatures such as these happened to converge in the same place around the same time. Her Lair The Spider and her Crawler The Moth and the Basher Another found Watcher hiding in the trees in our Main Hall A short video walk-through of both rooms. As stated above, credit for the cemetery goes to Mythinasya(ps4) and the infested spider is Umbral_Hunhow(ps4).
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