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    Warframe Builder

    Ok, I have a bug report. When you link your builds, the archwing, arch-gun, and arch-melee don't show up. But the arch-gun was placed on the primary link and the arch-melee was placed on the melee link. ok now I have some suggestions: Display the total amount of formas and potatoes Reduce the minimum amount of characters allowed when making the build name polish/remove the hacking feature since its outdated polish the gui/ui too ^_^ and as always, keep up the good work!
  2. _Tempous_

    Warframe Builder

    The builder is AMAZING! It's very useful, but I guess it still needs some improvements like the User Interface. But of course, this couldn't be done easily by a single person (as I think you're the only one updating the site) But as said, keep up the good work!