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  1. Im using one I got from somebody that got their own custom made at one of the previous tennocons
  2. Well this is unfortunate but it happens, hopefully unbanned soon.
  3. I was running Exploiter Orb with a booster and smeeta, but around the time I was banned I also jokingly in trade chat said WTB Primed chamber 20k, I dont know which got me banned, could be something else but I dont think it is.
  4. How do I update my forum glyph to my current on ps4?
  5. oh no! god dammit trump! But is there a EULA specifically on trading I can read? also one for player behavior? Because I filtered the main eula for Trade and saw nothing except a few trademarks and no account sharing or whatever.
  6. Does anybody know what can warrant a 328 hour trade restriction?
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