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  1. cool, when Will I get my Lotus ephemera? watched the stream and everything. . .
  2. Yeah its really not cool, especially since I have supported DE with my money, I expect a certain standard with support that just isn't being held up, unfortunately I feel like all of us that were wronged by the drops not being sent to us will never receive that Ephemera, I can only hope they bring it back when do the Warframe anniversary with dex stuff. . . I am disappointed in you DE.
  3. I watched hours of the panels and I received nothing, I even contacted support and they said they cant do anything, please don't do me like this I really want the Lotus Ephemera.
  4. Okay, I was watching for hours since around 2 or so and never received any drops, so am I just going to not receive anything? I contacted support and they said they "cannot manually add twitch drop items to my account." Can I please receive the ephemera? I dont want to miss something exclusive like that I even bought the digital ticket 😞
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