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  1. fire rate mods of the Prisma Burst Laser do not work when you are a client (you are not a host), sorry for the bad English.
  2. You could also add an icon to know if a relic is in a vault without pressing the Tab key
  3. Using the operator, breaks Loki's invisibility. and can not be used again until the end of the skill's duration
  4. that cpu carries an "Intel HD 4000", I also have it and it works much better in Directx 11 than in Directx 9 I play in Fortuna with that IGPU without problems
  5. Any chance of not counting mods riven "equipped"? I would like to have a riven mod of each weapon, I am not interested in trade
  6. the kohmak do not need more precision, they need more maximum ammunition
  7. the fourth LOKI ability only harms the infected, is it right that this should happen or should it hurt the other factions as well?
  8. and reduce the rewards of the Garuda parts, I already have about 20 sets.
  9. It would be great if you could download some things from Fortuna in advance, like textures for example, for those who have slow internet.
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