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  1. There are quite a few sortie conditions and defunct nightmare conditions as well as alert conditions that I'd like to see show up on the Starchart or some alternative means. Perhaps create a system where you can use the Orokin Lab in the Dojo to hunt down normally unreachable missions?
  2. Here's an idea what I've had for a long time. Give Loki the ability to kill off his Decoy. I @(*()$ hate using Decoy-Switch Teleport in spy vaults because it makes guards behave unpredictable... BUT if I could just kill a Decoy by recasting Decoy onto the Decoy... problem solved.
  3. Riven slots really are a bad idea. If we get more mod slots on weapons, they should either only take utility mods or just not accept straight-up damage mods. You want to increase build diversity, not make only dmg builds even more effective. Oooooh, now you can put Serration, Heavy Caliber, Argon Scope, Point Strike, Vital Sense, Critical Delay, Bladed Rounds, Catalyzer Link, your Riven and a bunch of elemental/status mods on there! Now every weapon feels EVEN MORE the same~! Yaaaay!
  4. Adding in too much realism into Warframe is a slipperly slope. Because when we go down that road, we'll end up throwing away almost all melee weapons for being silly, and we can switch almost all (Corpus) projectile weapons to hitscan, and all hitscan weapons to projectile. Which as a Lanka main I wouldn't mind...
  5. While that is true, fact of the matter is that, as I explained, we keep getting more and more mods - and eventually the majority of mods will just end up in the trash because there's literally no more space to put them in. And if DE keeps pumping the endgame further into the lvls, we'll just get more mod power creep with a shallow build depth. By increasing mod slots, we expand the depth of the mod system AND the meta. I really want Warframe's meta to be less like an FPS meta and more like an RPG meta - where there are so many build options, metas just come and go based on people playing
  6. A system that makes your character invisible in certain positions would be great. When I'm exploiting Loki's extraordinary wallhang ability, I often find myself looking at Loki's head instead of an enemy that I want to blast in the head.
  7. A far better idea would be to just bump up the number of mod slots on guns. Right now, I will often be one or two mod slots short on my favourite guns (to fit in QoL mods such as +projectile speed etc.) As DE will release more mods, this mod slot shortage will only increase - especially if we'll end up getting lots of ~fun~ mods that add fresh new interactions onto our guns. A solution to this problem could be adding "exilus" slots, "stance" slots, which all been proposed before... how about straight up adding "parts" to the gun that have their own individual mod slots? We already need to
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