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  1. dont get me wrong, it was an oberon skin, so i bought it. and i made a nice organic edgelord with it too. lol. i just have a bad habit for nitpicking, so try to take anything i say with a grain or two of salt. ^_^;
  2. i am a really big fan of the "chitin plates" some of your infested have, like nyx and the ash directly above. as an oberon main, i was a little sad that he didnt have the chitin on his wendigo skin (skin color layers didnt give nice results). the fact it was named wendigo and not making it a wendigo bothers me too, but ill nerd myself till the cows come home if im let. lol. as for new frames, i would love to see your take on an infested titania or a better looking nidus
  3. tennocon itself isnt due to start till july 11th, i am sure the digital tickets will go live either next week or in june
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