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  1. SUMMARY: The Kingpin System should allow Warlords and designated "Mission Planners" in clans to create procedural campaigns for the clan based on a few customize-able variables and the desired reward payout. Effectively they would be something akin to GMs/DMs for their clan. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TennoSkoom I'm not sure what the current intentions for the Kingpin system are or where in development it is. But while thinking about it some time ago I was wondering about "What determines who your adversary, your 'Kingpin', is?", "How will missions be delegated? Will each member have to progress in teams of 4? Or will this be a new type of activity?", "How long does the Kingpin last? Indefinitely? Until we defeat them?" Many question, like most of the community. As I thought of the different variables, I wondered, "What if most of these things were up to us?" Thus, the idea "What if we could be GMs of our own Warframe campaigns?" Imagine this scene: A bunch of clan members are chatting about what they're making next and where to grind for materials. Together they realize they all need some fairly rare materials to wrap up their projects, both personally and for the dojo itself. The Mission planner starts crafting a massive wishlist, and a campaign starts to take shape. A certain NPC faction will pay everything they want and more, but only if they take on a massive enemy enclave. It's a convergence of multiple strings of missions all leading up to a showdown with the enemy Kingpin. If they fail to finish him before next week, he'll attack and invade the dojo. But if they succeed, they'll each get the promised rewards and the dojo will get twice the amount in storage. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CLEM Now for the technicals: Upon building the "Operations Center"/"War Council"/"Whatever" dojo room, the Warlord, or those in ranks with the "Mission Planner" trait enabled, could draft and start a campaign against a kingpin that would be procedurally generated based on direct choices and indirect choices (the types of rewards, size of the clan, etc...) made by the planner. An idea for a breakdown for this would be: Types of Common Materials desired = Planets/Tilesets used for campaign (if none requested, random assignment) # of Common Materials desired = Campaign duration in real time (if none requested, goes to default based on clan size) Types of Rare Materials desired = Types of enemies most prevalent (if none requested, default amount/distribution # of Rare Materials desired = Base level of enemies (if none requested, goes to default level) Rarity of Mods desired = Prevalence of Eximus Units (if none requested, default amount/distribution) The mission planner will put in values and a random faction (one of the syndicates, including the Ostron and Solaris) will offer to pay the bounty in return for completing the campaign. The faction paying also determines the faction of the kingpin. Campaign progress should be trackable both in the orbiter as well as in the Operations room in the dojo, with the dojo room giving significantly more detail on the objectives. I'll be adding more! Tired now...
  2. My guess is that the solution would be that they would be restricted to whatever room they were placed in. Not sure if each room would have to have a static path for them to roam or if they could be more dynamic like other NPCs (especially on the plains/vallis). If they made static paths perhaps they could be made link-able, in the sense that the "rails" of the path in one room would circulate by all doors and automatically link up if there was a room with a static path built on the other side of the door. Edit: Also, as for decorations/objects in the way, the path/rail could be treated like a physical object with dimensions covering the largest NPC intended to follow it. Objects intersecting with that space could be flagged as such and disallow placement of an NPC until the intersecting objects were moved. That's my best guess, off the cuff. Admittedly, that last bit is quite a bit of work to do for a roomba, but it could help set things up for other NPCs in dojos, which I've always hoped for.
  3. This. A wonderful suggestion. Please bring this dojo's dream of cleanliness to life, we'll all benefit from it!
  4. I was just about to make this post. This is a HUUUGE missed opportunity considering how much the popularity of floofs boomed at the opening of Fortuna.
  5. Main question would be: Of all of the things outlined on the whiteboard last devstream, what would each of you say you are most excited for? (We all know Geoff's is the Hydroid Prime trailer so...) A follow up question would be: If you each could choose 1 thing to add to the game right now (a passion project) what would it be? You guys were awesome last stream! Can't wait for this one!
  6. Are there weapon types not currently in the game that you dream of adding one day? Of the weapon types currently available, are there any you think are underrepresented? ~*~*~Shameless plug for more nunchaku~*~*~ Much love you guys, keep up the great work! 🤗
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