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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  2. Note: Speculative/filler values placed in [brackets]. The whole concept I'm thinking of here is sort of an inverted power building mechanic, such as what exists with Nidus and Ember. Instead of building up power, you would be trying to keep power up without falling apart or exploding. Passive: "Replaceable Parts"?: [Frame Name] has five (5) [100HP] segments of gated health. Upon losing a full segment of health, [frame name] is invulnerable for [ten (10) seconds]. Each missing health segment increases movement speed by [10%]. Healing over time or area of effect healing only heals within the active health segment. Picking up a health orb (see Ability 1 note) or certain abilities are the only way to replenish a missing segment. Note: Ability 1: "Retrofit"? "Field Repairs"?: Press the ability key to tackle the selected enemy and strip them for parts, doing damage equal to [frame name]'s total missing health in the process. A health segment is instantly recovered if the target dies. Optionally, pressing and holding the ability key does the same, but will also temporarily rig a special weapon to [frame name]'s left arm. Pressing the ability key after the retrofit will use the given weapon until replaced or duration runs out. Holding the ability key without an enemy targeted releases the currently attached special weapon. The weapon type depends on the enemy attacked: -Grineer enemies grant a slow-firing, target seeking rocket launcher that does scaling heat damage with 100% status chance. -Corpus enemies grant a tesla grenade launcher that launches electrified sticky grenades. Stuck enemies take scaling electrical damage with a 100% electrical status chance. May chain to nearby enemies. -Infested enemies grant a tentacle whip that knocks down enemies in a frontal cone area of effect. Affected enemies are leeched for life on hit and deal scaling toxin damage. -Orokin enemies grant a crystal (ice spike) launcher that glasses (freezes) an enemy on hit. Shattering a glassed (frozen by ice spike) enemy causes scaling freezing area of effect damage with a 100% status chance. -Sentient enemies grant a laser prism launcher. The laser prism will hover above you or a targeted friendly player, npc, or objective upon activation. Does scaling tau damage with 100% status chance. Note: Ability 2: "Tactical Ejection"?: [Frame Name] sacrifices a segment of health and removes any current status effects. Shrapnel fires out from the frame in a [10 meter] radius. Shrapnel inflicts damage equal to the sacrificed health and of the damage type that was removed with 100% status chance. Note: Ability 3: "Soul Meld"? "Integration"?: [Frame Name] molds himself into an exoskeleton around the body of an enemy or ally, draining energy over time. Targeted allies gain [70%] damage reduction and [frame name] manifests a 3rd arm on the ally's back that he can control to fire their secondary weapon. If the ally takes lethal damage, [frame name] is forced out of the ability, but the ally instantly recovers to 50% total health. Allies may roll dodge to force their way out of the ability, forcing Targeted enemies have their health leeched over time instead of receiving damage reduction, and will become completely controllable. Controlled enemies gain higher, level-based scaling damage output for the duration of the ability. If the controlled enemy dies, [frame name] recovers a health segment and transfers to the next closest enemy. Note: Ability 4: "Void Stitching"?: [Frame Name] sends void tendrils in all directions, tethering all enemies in a [5 meter] radius, and rapidly ragdolling them all back to him. After 2 seconds, [frame name] sacrifices a segment of health and releases a massive blast damage explosion, dealing out damage equal to the HP value of the sacrificed segment multiplied by the number of tethered enemies. This ability costs no energy and activates [frame name]'s passive ability upon sacrificing the health segment. Note:
  3. I think that video was great. Kudos to Scott, as well as the content creators who were on with him (Shy, DK, Brozime, Tater). I learned more about the current state of Warframe as well as about Scott. Getting his specific viewpoint on a lot of the issues the streamers brought up was extremely insightful and gave me a lot to mull over. Even when it came to things I might disagree on the direction of, he explained the viewpoint he had and potential limiting factors. He spoke politely yet honestly on many subjects and it made it easier to understand him and empathize with him. I really appreciated it. One of my favorite moments was Scott discussing directly with Brozime about how hard it was to watch his harsher critique videos after all of the hard work put into those elements of the game. Instead of just seeing my own player-oriented gripes that Brozime usually champions/echoes, I clearly saw an expression of Scott's developer-oriented woes/struggles. I'm not blind to the fact that the devs put a lot of work into the game otherwise, but that isn't the experience I have on a daily basis. Hearing him discuss it reminds me of the other half of the equation. I also love the traditional Devstreams, but they almost never get to such a matter-of-fact level of discussion. This isn't a bad thing. They're relatively fun and show off how fun the devs can be. Both communication methods still exhibit their dedication. Occasionally though, it would be nice to do a deep dive like this again with one person (Scott or anyone else willing to do it) in a similar format. Note: Not sure if this kind of interaction is maybe exhibited by Steve on Twitter? But I don't use Twitter so I can't experience that in any meaningful way 😞 Hope everyone is staying safe!
  4. Corroborating this bug. I also plan to put this in a new post alongside a few other dojo bugs. Hopefully it gets some attention.
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