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  1. Question for Steve....Will the amount of creds in Nightwave increase? Currently, the helmets in particular are expensive, and with the current amount you can get 1 per week, if you can ignore the vauban parts and auras, it'll take a couple years not including if more are introduced.Also, similarly, will prestiging rewards become more substantial? Atm, you get 15 creds per tier. this is only 10 more than you get in a week normally. Going by the helmets, you still can only get 1 after 3 tiers, or one week. Earning creds for reactors or catalysts are even more stressful.This seems more taxing and difficult to collect compared to the old system where you could collect nearly every helmet within a few months (or at least 5+ in a week). Feedback on how, or if, this system will change to improve the effort and rewards for both new players and veterans alike would be appreciated.
  2. I hope this fixes the many issues on Profit-taker, especially no datamasses on phase 1. But i didn't see that particular issue In the notes. also, theres the issue of getting sent back to fortuna entrance when getting caught in closing doors.
  3. You can watch previous devstreams on warframes channel on twitch. However, Devstream 123 was postponed, possibly due to the excessive cold and bad weather.
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