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  1. Greetings Tenno. I am here to let you all know about a new club on Xbox one that dedicates itself to helping all sorts of players be it new to the game or a veteran. We are always looking for new members to become apart of the loving warframe community. So look us up on Xbox one in the clubs section and post up what you need help with when needed and we will respond as soon as we can. Thank you
  2. -cough cough- destiny 2 -cough cough- Overwatch -cough cough- XD
  3. I have already done one of these posts this year but i can't help it when you guys (DEV Team) give me so much to be greatful for. You connect with your followers on multiple social media's and ofcourse in the streams you are all a delight to watch. When there is a issue you all do your best to sort it out as soon as you can so us the community can enjoy this gem of a game. Content continuously being worked on and released or edits being done to already released content just fills me with so much joy to be apart of this community. You did an amazing job with Khora and Sanctua
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