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About Me

Name: Kenta The Husky

Warframe Of Choice: Flexible_

Age: 25_

Clan: The Aether Foundation_

Clan Duties: Founder of the clan working on making the clan a better place for players and alerting them of updates via message of the day (MOTD)

In-game hobbies: Eidolon Hunts, Scanning for codex information, Collecting Resources_

As a Tenno i plan on helping as many other players as i possibly can, making new friends is something i am hoping for whilst playing this amazing game, i have already made a few new friends and i am hoping to make many more. The frames i use are usually something the mission could really use however these days i tend to use frames i am currently leveling up or i'm just too attached to. If you need any help what so ever do not hesitate to message me on Xbox One

Happy to be of help Tenno

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