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  1. don't take it personal, but that's total bs. Mods were never the problem (i had lags @wave 10) It's funny how DE is trying to blame it on the mods and nerf the droprate of mods: just so ppl don't break warframe and getting rewarded. So basically it didn't get fixed + they nerfed the mod drops. じゃあね __ machs gut Fraank `=)
  2. did they fix the lag thing? like when you play a long time on the map it will lag and you get massive fps drops?
  3. Congrats to all the grinders! you are the true winners of the event!
  5. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: Explain the pointing system!
  6. remove the high scores?
  7. Balance 2.0 (Energy, Ammo, AI, Different game modes): -too much energy combined (pickups, plates, energy siphron, ev-trin with max power) with efficiency mods is just a spamfest -too much ammo (rocket launcher with 500+ rockets, i wonder where the Tenno hides those) -Weapons/Warframe/AI balance: a few example L35 are too easy too kill, Stalker can one shot kill you, AI reaction to certain skills (like loki invisibility: ) -Interception with CC-Abilities is a joke (banshee soundquake stunlocks the whole map) -Defense after a certain wave is a "one shot on the pod and its dead" -survival is way too much rng regarding oxygen My Question: How is DE going to approach that many the balancing issues?
  8. Nerfing/Buffing stuff won't solve the real problem: the game is extremely unbalanced. AI is too bad (the damage and the shield/hp/armor is scaling thats all) and its not getting in any other way, weapons and warframes are OP. Vauban got nerfed because bastile could CC all the AI and now Banshee took it place.. Terrible balancing is terrible....
  9. RIP Trinity. Terrible balancing is terrible: -EV trin with max blindrage + intesify + fleeting + banshee soundquake => infinite cc. -EV needs a serious nerf... instead of a buff... getting 200+ energy every 4 sec is ridicilous.
  10. Performance issues related question: There are a lot of performance issues in this game like: fps fluctutation, freezes, lag related fps drops, fps/lags long runs (50wave defense, survival, 30+ min), lags, S#&$ty hosts, L1 enemies(lag related), penta grenades not flying because of lag and soooo on. When can we expect fixes (not only for the void (Laser issue))? AND Old player problem: 1) Lot of ppl don't play anymore because there is literally nothing to do when you reach a certain point. What about adding something farming related? Building a statue for a certain ammount of ressources (20million nano spores (for ghost clan) => build a statue or a badge or whatever). It should be something which is not required for gameplay so you can make some ridicilous requirements. see this 2) What about adding bulk pakages for dedicated player? Something like "buy 1000 Forma for 2000plat" or same with catalyst.
  11. i read: 4 well of life and braton vandal and started transmuting without thinking, got stell fiber (warframe), meele prowess and ammo drum after that i realised the troll. well played rebecca
  12. After waisting 3x 12000 credits and running a capture key i am starting to wonder: isn't trolling against forum rules? can a mod/siteop warn rebecca pls?
  13. is it sentinel or sentinel weapon? i mean does my sweeper on djinn has 60m range?
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