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  1. I almost had a heart attack...

    Thank you for going into detail in your post.. don't see that too often :)
  2. I almost had a heart attack...

    Nice encounters, thank you for sharing guys. Also i just figured it was my operator messing around, i didn't realize it was actually the void guy at all.
  3. I almost had a heart attack...

    Yeah your probably right.. the low % also means when it does end up happening its a little bit unexpected and creepy which i guess was DE's intention
  4. I almost had a heart attack...

    First time i have seen it since i completed harrows quest months ago
  5. I almost had a heart attack...

    Oh god that would be much worse.. finishing a mission, turning around and they are standing there.. What made it more creepy for me is i gave him the new excalibur paper helmet.. so he has a white faceless mask on lol
  6. I almost had a heart attack...

    Walking back down to my arsenal and i almost poop my pants because there is somebody watching me... was not expecting it lol I walked up to him and he said... "Hey Kiddo.." and vanished
  7. Bounties are still very random for me, i just tried again since the 22.0.4 patch and the initial bounty worked fine. I completed all 3 stages and went back to cetus. I took the second bounty in the list and proceeded outside, the first mission was a liberate the camp which went fine but then it switched too assassinate the commander for the second mission but again there was no map indicator and no lotus update so you cannot proceed with the mission and are forced to go back to cetus to try and take it again. So far its just very unreliable to even attempt bounties.
  8. Not sure what causes it as i have had it happen during different bounties but it is always between individual bounties. For example i select the first bounty that has 3 sections to finish in order to complete it, i finish the first one and it switches to the next one but there is no map location for it so your basically stuck and have to abandon it. Also seen it happen during the last bounty that has 5 sections, i did 4 of them and then when it was switching to the last one it gave no map location and i was yet again forced to abandon it after wasting about half an hour. On top of this i have also seen a bug whereby after you cast a warframe ability your last used skill turns grey and you can no longer use any skills, "ability in use" is all you get. When your abilities are locked up like this you are also unable to use your melee weapon at all. The only fix it to fully die and resurrect.
  9. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    Nice, equinox looked silly with that clipping, ty for the fix.
  10. Harrow feedback and discussion

    He will probably be a support frame, plus he is supposed to be highly accurate so... Passive: While standing still 33rd gains an armor bonus for each allies within range and increased accuracy for all weapons. Unveil: 33rd flashes a symbol that marks the guilty within range, marked enemies will take increased damage. Herald: 33rd begins chanting and reduces recoil and increases fire rate for all allies within range. Absolution: 33rd kneels down and becomes stationary (armor bonus of passive activates), during this time nearby allies gain heavy health regen and minor energy regen. Status effects are also cleared once every 5 seconds. Forfeit: 33rd sacrifices all armor to give all nearby allies a divine shield (think an aoe iron skin) OR 33rd makes a blood tribute losing 50% of current HP to fully restore all allies HP and 25% Energy, 33 gains full shields and minor HP regen for X seconds. Also from his concept art and the introduction of the 1 handed pistol + 1 handed sword stance, id like to think he will use that incense burning mace and pistol at the same time, I can see him being able to charge up the mace like a glaive and throw out the incense pot to create a small aoe gas cloud that puts enemies to sleep.
  11. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5

    Ty for the fixes. Also I see many asking for Hema cost fix in a lot of update threads but I doubt they intend too. With the new clan rank system and each research item giving exp you can see that the Hema gives 3x~ more then other weapons so id say the cost to research it is here to stay.. but just my opinion.