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  1. When using the Harka skin on Frost the left hand emblem (right in the picture) is twice the size of the right hand emblem. Tested it with the emblems I own on both normal frost and then frost with the Harka skin and it only occurs with the Harka skin equipped. As you can see the left shoulder (right in picture) Ki'teer emblem is twice the size of the other.
  2. As the title says I am in need of a Velocitus stock (Red Veil / 20k standing) and will trade you any Archwing weapon part you need from Steel Meridian / Arbiters of Hexis or Cephalon Suda. PM me in game or leave a message here if interested, thank you.
  3. I am looking to swap my smeeta for an adarza after a few failed attempts to get one.. so if this is still available and you want to trade let me know.
  4. Nice, equinox looked silly with that clipping, ty for the fix.
  5. He will probably be a support frame, plus he is supposed to be highly accurate so... Passive: While standing still 33rd gains an armor bonus for each allies within range and increased accuracy for all weapons. Unveil: 33rd flashes a symbol that marks the guilty within range, marked enemies will take increased damage. Herald: 33rd begins chanting and reduces recoil and increases fire rate for all allies within range. Absolution: 33rd kneels down and becomes stationary (armor bonus of passive activates), during this time nearby allies gain heavy health regen and minor energy regen. Status effects are also cleared once every 5 seconds. Forfeit: 33rd sacrifices all armor to give all nearby allies a divine shield (think an aoe iron skin) OR 33rd makes a blood tribute losing 50% of current HP to fully restore all allies HP and 25% Energy, 33 gains full shields and minor HP regen for X seconds. Also from his concept art and the introduction of the 1 handed pistol + 1 handed sword stance, id like to think he will use that incense burning mace and pistol at the same time, I can see him being able to charge up the mace like a glaive and throw out the incense pot to create a small aoe gas cloud that puts enemies to sleep.
  6. Tried a few times and keep getting Smeeta and would like an Adarza, so trading these 2 smeeta imprints for 2 adarza imprints.
  7. The quest seems broken to me.. I got to the chassis part with the quest active, finished it and made the chassis but the quest never continued even after I collected the chassis from the foundry and started to build limbo.. still wants me to go to Europa and get the chassis. I have submitted a ticket but so far no reply.. I may just cancel limbo for now to be on the safe side.. sigh.
  8. Same here.. got the chassis and crafted it, collected it and there was no quest update.. Limbo is currently building and the quest tracker still tells me to go to Ose to get the chassis. I went back and completed 10 drills / 1000 cryo and didn't get another blueprint so I dno whats going on with the quest.
  9. Since the last update, when I log on my ships decorations (Ayatan Sculptures etc) are all in the right places but when I do a mission and then load back into my ship there are no decorations in place at all and they are not in my inventory to re-apply. Re-logging fixes the issue but it seems to keep occurring.
  10. Ty for the fixes. Also I see many asking for Hema cost fix in a lot of update threads but I doubt they intend too. With the new clan rank system and each research item giving exp you can see that the Hema gives 3x~ more then other weapons so id say the cost to research it is here to stay.. but just my opinion.
  11. I was just doing a mission with a friend, we were both using the Telos Boltace and it seems the cooldown on stormpath is shared between players using the weapon in your team. For example if i did the first section of the skill where you slide to draw in enemies, my team mate could no longer do that at all. Only after i had done the second part of the skill and my cooldown had run out could he begin using stormpath himself again. So at the moment it seems if more then one person in your team has the Telos Boltace in its very hard to use the weapon with its new mechanics as only 1 person can do stormpath at a time. Have not been in a team since with others using the Telos Boltace so unable to confirm multiple times.
  12. I ran the first pacifism defect mission 3x in order to get to the second tier but the scores for the first two didn't make sense. On the first run I solo'd it and saved 29 but when I extracted I got a score of 20. On the second run I went with a team and saved 35 and got a mission score of 29. The third run we saved 45 but I got a mission score of 26 as it doesn't over lap between tiers and capped me at 75. Is this normal or am I supposed to be getting a score based exactly on those I save ?