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  1. Transference bugs Warframe abilities when using a controller on PC

    I have had this issue as well for a good 6 months and not a single thing has been done, each time i see a topic about it it never gets replied to by anybody official. I just hope at some point they will fix it as it has gotten me killed several times when i have needed to do a certain thing but instead i am spamming a warframe skill like some idiot, god knows what some people must thing looking at me when it happens.
  2. The Archwing mission is bugged

    The mission seems to work fine only if you solo it.
  3. The Archwing mission is bugged

    During the mission "The Archwing, Extract the Odonata Archwing Wings Blueprint" on Aphrodite (Venus) you are asked to protect an excavator in order to get the wings blueprint but no matter where you go on the map there is never an excavator so the mission is incompletable.
  4. Game not counting ghouls killed

    Just had the same issue. Stage 2/4 destroy 3 burial grounds. 35 enemies in each burial ground. First two were fine, but the 3rd burial ground the enemies killed counter didn't move and we failed.
  5. Mastery Rank 24 Test Failure Upon Completion

    I failed like that when i practiced the test.. the timer still counted down even as my tenno was kneeling down so even though i had done it the timer ran out and it failed me, maybe that's what happened to you too. I'm just glad they fixed it in the last patch, i had to complete MR24 while there were still bugs blocking the operator beam lol.
  6. New Cassowar

    Possibly just a visual bug but the Cassowar does not display that it gives any clan affinity whereas the new Baza gun shows that it gives 3000. (When looking at them in the tenno lab)
  7. [PC] Rough price guide please

    Thanks for the reply. yeah some of them need it, problem is there are no real best stats as there are many aspects that go into very specific builds. I see people selling similar rivens (soma/sicarus) all the time asking for 600p+ whether they get it is another thing entirely though.
  8. Just made a zaw with plague keewar and bokwin, when you try and change the energy colour it changes the colour of the innate viral element and not the small green lights on the weapon itself. This is a bug i assume ?
  9. [PC] Rough price guide please

    Posted yesterday and not a single answer in 18hrs, i guess nobody says anything unless you put godly in the title. Thanks in advance to anybody kind enough to give me a rough idea.
  10. [PC] Price check on a few rivens i don't use please.

    I know there is no set price for rivens as it is all about personal preference but surely somebody has a rough idea for me ?
  11. As the title says, just a few rivens i don't currently use and i would like a rough idea of price. Thanks in advance to anybody who is kind enough to reply.
  12. "Kill the enemies"...

    Since the operation plague star patch i have had many issues with bounty sections that require you to "kill the enemies" / "kill the enemies in the area". I have outright failed a few bounties when only a handful of enemies spawn and no other enemies run in (standing there for 5 whole minutes watching the timer with no new enemies or ships) I am not sure if perhaps the game doesn't spawn any new enemies when there are so many infested running around but it may be part of the issue, its a shame they don't count towards the total.
  13. Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.2.4

    Nice, equinox looked silly with that clipping, ty for the fix.
  14. Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5

    Ty for the fixes. Also I see many asking for Hema cost fix in a lot of update threads but I doubt they intend too. With the new clan rank system and each research item giving exp you can see that the Hema gives 3x~ more then other weapons so id say the cost to research it is here to stay.. but just my opinion.