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  1. shame to see steel path go, endless missions rewarding you for endurance were nice
  2. Fundamentally: Being a "broken" warframe is not a reason to have a kit that is so totally disjointed. It has a damage buff, except its damage is terrible. It has CC, except it's super unreliable and generally not recastable. It has no damage reduction or healing but also terrible base defensive stats, which is just not workable in a game where you just introduced enemies with heat-seeking bonemerangs that inflict gas and slash procs that tick for more than Xaku has health. Every ability animation feels like it was intentionally slowed down with the expectation that people would run Natur
  3. The dislike bar fades away with time. It seems like about 24 hours to go from red arrow to neutral. Also one of the helminth upgrade tiers is being able to feed "sentient resources" (cores, presumably, though I guess they could be having a giggle and mean eidolon shards) to reset the dislike bar. But yes, the railjack resources (1000 rares in particular) are just outlandish.
  4. btw this continues to be a problem with vaults in general, as I have continued to crash very nearly every single time I do a vault bounty
  5. Didn't you guys say you were gonna drop the price on rebought quest frames from Simaris? Was that gonna be any time soon?
  6. btw Xaku is without exaggeration the worst warframe in the game, please address this at some point
  7. "Oh boy, mobile defense for longer!" - nobody
  8. Conservation would be massively improved by just directly awarding tokens. As it is, perfect captures give you nothing and floofs are in competition with actual progress. In general, Deimos would be massively improved by not having forgotten a bunch of lessons you seemed to learn going from plains to Fortuna. Insert brozime rant about making guns with fish brains
  9. Why do you continue to do these missable Twitch drops that are so poorly advertised the only way I find this post was by finding out that this was a thing from a different forum and then googling it? It's not on the front page, and the mention in the patch notes was so offhand I assumed "tennogen prex" was just another thing in the market I can't buy with platinum.
  10. 100% of the time I approached the vault during this quest, the game would start chugging and then crash to desktop. Even when I switched to minimum settings with hard-fullscreen. My PC normally runs this game at 1440p on ultra at 100+ FPS. The only solution was to stare at the ground through the part of that quest where you fight infested off of the 3 nests and rely on the AoE damage of the gun you're given, and even then I started chugging when I had to look up to fight the enemy necramech.
  11. the fish spine thing is not a hard progression blocker, you can get fish resources randomly from resource containers in the wild just like fortuna
  12. Thanks for booting me out of Deimos into daily reset. Now I get to be a day behind!
  13. over 235,000 participants 1000 glyphs that's 99.6% of people getting a "participation" prize also the ghoul question was wrong. vay hek's favorite ghoul is the one that rips your maggot head off
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