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  1. I personally don't care about getting the mods from rotations, as long as the endo/time overall ends up being the same or better than before. This can the achieved (in the large scale) by splitting up the drop chances of existing mods/cosmetic drops and "distributing" it to all (old and new) mods/cosmetics. However I want to underline what many others have said already: Please please please put the Seeding Step ephemera out of the reward pool and into the item pool of the virtus vendor. People who play arbitrations a lot have stacks of the blueprint and can't do anything with them. It goes against the purpose of the changes (making most of the arbitrations feel more rewarding), since getting Seeding Steps basically means getting no reward for that rotation. I can deal with "worthless" dupes of mods since you can at least transmute them or turn them into more endo, but getting Seeding Steps again and again really doesn't feel like my effort/time resulted in anything productive. Edit: Forgot to say it... Otherwise I'm super happy with the changes. They are great!
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