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  1. Sorry, but most of you riven sellers who are complaining about the changes besides a "nerf" to its disposition don't understand disposition to its fullest. As Voltage stated, it is literally a small increment drop on a few. Some don't make sense (why isn't Kohm nerfed again?) and some do (Rubico/Lanka/Opticor, and other top 20 used rivens from Semlar.com). Artax + other sentinel weapons.. other than not being in the game anymore like P. Chamber so the price is skyrocketed, pretty much not used for anything else besides seeing how much plat someone owns. There's such things like breakpoints. Example: Kohm needs 120% status chance on the riven to be able to fully function with it's highest capabilities with one element. If it dropped from 5 dispo to 4 dispo, then it wouldn't be able to reach 120% status chance anymore. Besides a damage drop, literally nothing changed. Rivens will still maintain price. If you think any other sniper is better than Rubico, you should probably keep crying about the changes.
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