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  1. In my opinion, Hildryn skills need a little rework. At this moment, i'am does not feel she as single concept, her skills do everything and nothing at the same time. 1. Why balefire slows me down while charging a shot? Is this some kind of bow that you need to pull? Why does Hildrin slow down after a shot? If you wanted to show the power of recoil of a weapon, then it should be thrown back, as like some archguns, but not slow down. 2. As many have said before, the shild pillage is useless against the infected. It may be worthwhile to give her shield recovery equal to 25% hp of infected, without causing any damage to them. And the line of sight requirement causes those skill just did not work sometimes. 3. Links to the enemies looks completely useless and too expensive. Perhaps it is worth removing any effects against enemies and extending the range of the skill to the synthesis range for defending allies? 4. This is a pretty powerful controlling skill, but the radius is too small. As well as surface attachment and the movement speed throw me into frustration. Аutomaticaly use of balefire and allowing use pillage would also be convenient during the aegis. Passive skills: for a tank character, Hildrin is too fragile. Without a pair of full Arcane Barrier, she losing her shields in a few seconds, against 70+ levels. It may be worthwhile to let the Adaptation work on her shields. Or give her shields adequate damage resistance based on the level of her enemies. And 1200 overshields are just too small, it’s literally 3 shots from a charger who eats 450 shields per shot.
  2. Finally! Many thanks for this great upgrade!
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