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  1. It would usually take at least a few days for them to reply if you send them a ticket
  2. Repaired parts also gets rerolled. My Lavan reactor was equipped, had 69 avionic capacity then it got up to 90 when the hotfix dropped.
  3. Got this bug 2 times already, hope they fix it because it's getting annoying.
  4. Or you can remove / tweak your own mods from your warframe and weapons and start doing missions, bring friends who also wants to have a challenge and you're good to go.
  5. Zetki Reactor MK III Flux Capacity description can be different from the actual stat. Image: Both says + 300 flux capacity but one is giving 4 less
  6. I'm sure you will be fine, it's not like you have any knowledge that the person you're trading with is bad or not. Since you're innocent on this, just take the warning as a grain of salt.
  7. Game randomly crashes while playing a Railjack mission, happened while riding Railjack or when I was exiting a ship but i can't pinpoint how it happened.
  8. The old blood's patchnote says you need to block + alt fire to do that
  9. I found a work around, in the key binding settings, you can change the E key to just scrolling up or down with your mouse. With that, there won't be any holding + u can still click the scroll wheel to heavy attack.
  10. From what I saw, rank 5 just means the Lich will be on more planets and steals your mission's reward more + what razorite said
  11. Aim assist for arch-melee seems to be broken still, only Prisma Veritux seem to be homing to enemies correctly. The rest of the weapons are not homing at all. Don't have Rathbone or normal Veritux to test if its also broken or not.
  12. Aim assist stopped working for Archwing Melees and now it's almost impossible to hit anything unless you hug an enemy. Hope that gets fixed.
  13. Finished killing Thralls, the unlocked requiem pop up said XATA, but in the Lich's UI, it shows known requiem as JAHU
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