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  1. I hope your input gets put to good use by DE. This is a very constructive and researched post. Thank you a lot.
  2. Came here to report that I can't change Tertiary color on Moonkavat but I see it's part of a bigger bug.
  3. I just got a mail that will probably go out to others that preordered too. Also, can someone expand a bit on the color(s) of the shirt as I am a bit colorblind. First I thought it was a Black background but now it sorta looks darkgreen?
  4. Like with the Mithra skin, the entire bulky skirt section of Wukong has reset to the default skin making it a complete eyesore. The point of going Tennogen was mainly to get rid of this :-). Please clean this up with the rework now.
  5. Died when I triggered Contagian at my feet with a Balla zaw in the Jupiter Spy mission for Steel Arbiters Syndicate. When I immediately tried to reproduce, I couldn't. The next 3 times in the same scenario the passive did trigger. If I find more scenarios when it fails. EDIT: like poster below I didn't pass through bleedout. Immediate resurrect window.
  6. Yup, just happened again. The entire fight stopped working properly. I completed it like 20+ times solo in a row with minor bugs. Then had 7 missions fail in a row because the Ropa AI broke (spins madly in a circle i nhte middle). Tried with dif characters. Still kept breaking. Tried in group. broke again. Host migration reset it in the 3rd phase but no sentients spawned and the AI broke in a dif way. I don't understand how it suddenly started breaking during the same version of the patch. I'm done with this fight until it sees more bugfixes. I've spent the last 2 hours trying to complete it just once looking for my last Amalgam that refuses to drop. To the trade channel and screw this fight forever it is...
  7. Was dusting off Garuda to play something fresh while farming Kuva. Found the lack of Dread Mirror duration timer so annoying that I shelved it and came looking to see if it was somehow intented. Luckily found this bugreport instead. This is like Rhino not getting a value on their Iron Skin. Pretty crippling. Bump
  8. Thank you for doing something about the color of the beams and drones. This shows that giving feedback is always worthwhile, you never know when it floats to the top of the pile. I look forward to enjoying this change if and when some of the other feedback regarding reviving finds an agreeable solution. If you must have some revive scheme in "challenging"' content, at the very least make it opt in instead of boobytrap indexy points. No vacuum isn't enough. Press X to pickup at the very least so the people that don't want to pick them up can chose not to. Sincerely, good luck on the redesign.
  9. So I came out of my first Arbitration since the change. It was terrible. I can understand that there wasn't enough time to change anything between our massive feedback that this was not a good idea. You should have just waited. Or better yet if you could go back in time, proposed the idea for feedback instead of designing it already. Consider doing this in the future. Although this has advantages too. At least we now don't have to be theoretical about it. I will no longer play Arbitrations until you bring back permadeath because it brings me nothing but frustration and annoyance instead of fun. I realise that means I may not play an Arbitration again ever depending how stubborn people are about trying to force life into whoever's brainbaby this new design is. It's a shame as I only have endgame left. As a vet I am rather disappointed but hold out hope that the public outcry that is sure to continue will make DE reconsider this Arbitration design. Back to my daily Sortee and the occasional Kuva Flood for my Warframe allowance...
  10. I think the increased difficulty rate was a good idea. But that's also the only thing I liked from your post. Arbitration has its problems (host migration, drone visibility, rewards/time invested/mission type) but this new implementation does NOT address them and you're introducing a very undesirable toxic/griefing mechanic with Resurgance. Permadeath was great. The fact that you're removing it is disappointing. What you are replacing it with is terrible though. I do not need begging for revives. I do not need griefing to make mobs drop Resurgance tokens that are going to be impossible to avoid. Even just a bad player now holds the rest hostage with dirtnaps and you can't do anything about it. Make the tokens avoidable at the VERY least (press X?) so I can chose not to pickup any. Ever. Sitting on 90/90 rivens since forever. I don't care for Archgun Rivens at all, especially if you make them readily available and therefore mandatory, but if you raise the cap like you did with the introduction of melee rivens then I will at least have something to smile about. I love that you try to adjust and revisit existing gamemodes. Your trackrecord makes me hope you'll see from the overwhelming feedback that this idea is terribly flawed. I would advice floating ideas like this before investing a lot of resources into developing them. You're not under any obligation to do so, but telling us what 's up up front, may save you precious resources. You're not going to want to design your game by consensus, but if you're trying to adjust a problem perceived by the community, do yourself a favour and use them as a resource. There 's quite a few people with gamedesign backgrounds that will offer advice for free. All you're left to do is weigh and sift feedback. Purely objective: notice the amount of posts that go YAY vs the amount that go REALLY?
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