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  1. This is a gigantic issue resulting from a good idea gone terribly wrong and needs attention ASAP before everyone ditches Sisters for now. The DPS scaling mitigation is just a bad idea, "balancing" it around the highest DPS option (Arquebex) and then applying it all the way down is a... mindboggling thing to do. No matter how you spin the explanation, the execution is a mistake. High end built Mesa Regulators should NOT do 7 damage whe nmodded for Magnetic versus Sister shields. That is NOT acceptable. Us gaming the game to construct lower dps guns to do more damage is a terrible route we're being forced into.
  2. The ridght Yeah it's pretty amazing. I hope the skin will see a return of the use of pulsating emissives which is something I feel really brings home your infested esthetic. It took me ages to see Emissives effect on Grendel's back and his helmet as it appears really minimal to the point I first thought it did nothing anywhere. Looking forward to see the Wisp materialise as the Helmet begs to be used.
  3. It flares around the entire body which isn't the worst bit. Although if I can already see it active on my warfame, I know it's affecting my sentinel so it really has no business being so loud. Far worse is the area 'beneath' your feet that is also rather loud in itself. But on sentinels in particular it creates a swirling plan above your head that is actively obscuring vision in addition too being too loud. It's a beautiful buff but it's really detrimental on Sentinels.
  4. Sevagoth Shadow Exalted Claws might have a weird interaction with missions that limit the type of weapons you can bring. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: meleeing in Sevagoth Shadow with Exalted Claws during the Gifts of the Lotus Dex Rifle mission where you can only equip a Primary. As expected, you can use exalted weapons, but the weird thing this time around was that the Heavy Attack didn't work. You could still 'normal' melee wih the Exalted Claws but the Heavy attack acted as a normal attack VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: Happened every time during this particular mission. It'll probably be reproducable wit hthe Dex Pistol mission, and possible the melee only one too depending how weird teh bug is. After that Sortee missions can still limit weapon selection and reproduce this. EXPECTED RESULT: execute exalted Claw Heavy Attack OBSERVED RESULT: execute a normal attack instead REPRODUCTION RATE: every time in a mission where you could only bring a primary.
  5. [PC] Can't tell if this is a BUG or FEEDBACK but I will treat it as a bug for the purposes of putting it on your radar. Shift to feedback if needed Sevagoth's Shadow doesn't benefit from Naramon's Power Spike (decaying combo counter) nor Zenurik's Inner Might (Heavy Attack/Combo efficiency) TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Melee combat VISUAL: NA REPRODUCTION: Use Zenurik or Naramon EXPECTED RESULT: Expected Exalted Claws to benefit from Power Spike / Inner Might OBSERVED RESULT: They do not REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  6. I came to the forums looking for an explanation why my Equinox with Sigma Octantis sometimes seems to get stuck as if it doesnt have a stance. It just repeats one swing over and over. I can restore normal functionality reliably if I give up all my combo with a Heavy Attack which I really don't want to do and is superannoying. Hence why I am here. Just now, I got out of it once without a Heavy Attack but I have no idea why. Hope you can fix this.
  7. I was playing with some UI options as I got a brand new monitor today and wanted to see how crisp everything now looks. The FPS box with fps / Time / RAM / Latency info stood out like a sore thumb. As it is always in view, wouldn't it make sense for that box to respect the colorchoices that correspond to the Theme selected? It could blend in seemlessly but was probably never considered to be coded in if the people who make that don't usually have that up. Cheers.
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