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  1. Bonewidow changes looks good. I was looking forward to 2 things that were announced: Nothing about starting different bountees in Deimos at will? More importantly, no fix for Host migration breaking Necramech afinity that was still happening, regardless of the bold claim in the previous patch notes taht it was fixed (still failed 100%of the time)?
  2. The Bubonico needs some adjusting period before I feel it's usable. It just clips way too hard, even across the targetting reticule and when it doesn't you still hardly see anything. However, when I levelled it on Nidus + Nighthunter Syandana it reached ridiculous level. The Syandana seems permanently forced open. Could. Not. See. Anything. Please fix the interaction and please tone down the bubonico period. It's reached bug levels of obscuring vision. Thanks, a dedicated Infested afficionado.
  3. A lot of us are trying to level our Necramechs in the Orb Valis Event while praying that the Host doesn't migrate or that people will leave with you when you need a forma. AS YOU STILL LOSE AFFINITY REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE PATCH NOTES SAY BUT THAT'S FOR ANOTHER THREAD... 50% of the time I am not getting Diluted Thermia after completing 4 canisters and I can't figure out the difference between when it happens or when it doesn't. I am not a stranger to doing the Thermia quest and have never ever had that happen until this week while levelling Bonewidow. I am actively fighting at the que
  4. I came here to rant because I tried to be friendly to my party and leave so they could continue and the host migration STILL took all my affinity. I would like to refer to the latest patchnotes ' Fixed Clients losing all Necramech Affinity gained in mission after a Host Migration. But this has been #*!%ed up ever since the first mech was released. How can this still not be treated as a HUGE priority to really look into and fix. '
  5. Yeah it worked before the last patch. I did somewhere about 50K yesterday. In the mean time I have put on Necramech Pressure Point extra and I can't kill anything anymore in Orb Valis with Exalted. I went back in with an empty Ironbride loadout and I did THE SAME damage. Does anything get tested really? This is embarassing.
  6. It's been a while since I played with Venka Prime but was surprised to find it's still not interacting correctly with Gladiator Set mods, Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds. It doesn't benefit from going over 12. That's pretty bad since that's where the special Venka bonus would kick in. I see it's gotten to the point that it's documented on the Venka Prime wiki in both Notes & Bugs section. The special took a big hit already when the new melee system was introduced, but the new designed special effect doesn't even work. Would be great if this could be fixed given how long the bug is
  7. I have an interesting followup. Now that we're a week further and I have cleared enough to Recover a weekly, a Choose Wisely kill or convert a Lich is showing up again. So it seems to just have been unable to identify it in the week where I already completed a Choose Wisely.
  8. Only once to test. Most of the time it's not in my mind to do it. The few other times I can't be arsed to go there.
  9. I have been sitting on an old Kill/Convert Kuva Lich Nightwave mission because I couldn't be bothered as I already have mastered every Kuva Weapon. Now this week had another one of those so I figured I 'd do everything else except that one, and then I would get the old one pop up again so I can knock both of them out in one go. For science. When the old one didn't appear as usual, I was already assuming my grand master plan wasn't going to be a thing. I did this week's Kill/Convert Lich mission anyway to see if perhaps it would know on the back-end but no. I got just the 7K rep for this w
  10. Thanks, this is a great roundup of numbers to highlight how insane the difference is now. I always assumed the 'bug' that needed fixing was removing what seemd like a completely arbitrary x2 modifier that came out of nowhere. I also assumed the Rift interaction was bugged and needed fixing. Imagine my surprise after the 'fix' patch completely butchered the functionality to have static values. That's quite a few weapons relegated to the bin with some 20 odd forma...
  11. The Ivara skin is truly stunning. But she's truly permanently invisible.
  12. Very occasionally you end up in a game that isn't actually the one you selected. Today it's happened 3 times which is unprecedented. Twice I selected the Kuva Flood mission and ended up in a non flood lower level mission. And just now I selected the Steel Path Deimos bounty and ended up in the normal one. No Host migrations were involved.
  13. I stopped 2 waves into this sortee. Because after sitting through one in a previous sortee that lasted 25 minutes for 10 rounds I swore to never do a Defense on this tile again. First time ever not completing a sortee because this map + mission is just dreadful.
  14. Nope that's most definitely not how it is supposed to be if that's on the current patch.
  15. I can describe what I tested. And I have now tested it again and it's not entirely consistent. Mostly it does work correctly which is what you saw. Quasses Heavy Attack vs L175 Heavy Gunner No mods at all on an also empty Mag frame without companion. 10-12 HA feather hits for 9/19 damage depending on crit or not. It mostly amounts to 800-1000 dam worth of procs (given 10+ procs) Primed Fever Strike + Shocking touch. 10-12 hits for 102/205. But that would be the hit info which causes the Procs. Most of the times it's ticking the same, then suddenly I get a HA that resul
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