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  1. Gonna be honest, the only thing exciting about Yareli is her thigh highs, nothing else.
  2. I am worried that her 4th ability will deal no damage at all to armored enemies, how it actually has some scaling
  3. I get that the grind takes a lot of time, but how does the game take “enough money”? There is nothing in the game you need money to get other than tennogen cosmetics :/
  4. Nidus Prime(hopefully next) will also going to be crazy
  5. Why cant dual sword be creates via tennogen? I am curious
  6. If you like grinding and Dark Souls-like games, try Nioh 2, it is addictive!
  7. It would be cool to see infestes flyers like Mutalisks From Starcraft
  8. Hey guys. Here is a straightforward question. Does Pillage strip armor the moment İt’s wave makes contact and marks an enemy OR does it only strip armor when the ability expires and overshields are returned to you?
  9. Yeah there are prime sigils and they are very cool imo :(
  10. This morning scrolling past some fashion frames, I noticed that delicious sigil called Verlorum Prime but then noticed it is a Nova Prime accessory so I would have to wait looong time for that to return. Meanwhile I am curious to know which sigils do you guys rock on your fashionframes and perhaps with what chest piece do you combine them with. I myself enjoy the Prisma lotus sigil and Harrow Deluxe chest piece for the time being
  11. How is it a war when the only invasion node is the Orphix Venom mission node? The murex is a single ship hidden behind a railjack node which wont even be noticed by many players
  12. The New War has supposedly already started with Scarlet Spear, yet there is no sentient invasions, no new tileset, no sentient mission nodes... soooo yeah
  13. I see, but couldnt we at least get an explanation from DE about why it is so hard to fix it. The silence just makes it look like they are ignoring it rather than working on it
  14. This is not a bug report, there is already a 8 page post going on the first pagw of art and animation bugs section of the forum. The reason I made this post is I REALLY want to discuss why DE isn’t able to(or just ignore) Fix the visual sheath bug of Sepfahn Nikana for almost 2 WHOLE YEARS??? How is it okay to sell Tennogen skins for nikanas when that skin yoy paid money to use on your nikana zaws won’t work and bug out every single mission? Now, I dont know anything about the tech of these things, so please do enlighten me if it is a tough work for a whole company to fix a single vis
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