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  1. Is there any chance for Wild Frenzy to work on Twin Garakatas aswell? I mean come on it's not a different weapon it's just two Grakatas 😄 Why not, come on DE
  2. I guess Frost in our team thought it was a good idea to place a bubble around it. We just sheltered there to survive
  3. ı was doing the 60 min kuva survival challange with my team. It was gonig quite well until around im 50 where things started getting a bit rough. We decided to stay together around a life support capsule under frost's safety bubble to survive. THEN I ACCIDENTALLY PRESSED ''X'' NEAR THE LIFE SUPPORT AND ACTIVATED IT AT MIN 55. As a reasult I failed the kuva challange 😞 Now I have to another kuva surivval for an hour. Warning to anyone who still haven't completed their challange, just don't stand near a life support capsule 😞
  4. Also for me the beauty of Warframe has always been that it never "forced" me to play the game. When I got busy with work or other stuff I could always take a break from the game and later come with peace of mind knowing I haven't missed much. Now I know that if I decide to take a break from the game, Im going to miss out lots of items. I hate to be punished for not playing the game. I hope DE will find a way to make things easier for players who cant log in all the time to complete the challanges. best regards 🙂
  5. MR 20 player here I have been palying for a year now and still I sometimes I just stop and think ''Man, I love this game''. Well that's it. I jsut wanted to show some appreciation for the game ^^
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