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  1. I’m kinda scared that they will nerf melee more than they tell us now and dont buff guns enough so we end up with nerfed arsenals overall. YOU KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN
  2. I just spend most of my time in Simulacrum testing my meme builds because why not. The only goal left I could set myself is MR30 but that is too much grind and plat cost for me right now
  3. So Orphix Venom event came out as a testing ground to see if Necramechs would work in the tight corridors of the star chart missions ... and it kinda did work. I have been waiting to see DE mention when it will become a feature in any mission, but unless I missed it there was no mention of it in the last devstream. Did they just scrap the idea? I invested in my necramech and bought a skin just because I thought I would be able to use it much more frequently soon...
  4. The current state of Warframe has just become “you are in a squad but do ur own thing independent of each other” There is no interaction, no cooperation, every single piece of content in WF have been catered to please solo players. BUT what about the players who started playing Warframe because it is supposed to be a “COOP looter shooter” game. I dont see that COOP aspect anymore. ı think this is an issue that needs to be looked at
  5. Source? Last time I checked steamchartss player count was at the low end
  6. Exactly... only with persistence we can make it happen
  7. The topic is hot again with the Eros Ephemera, while some players are glad that Wing syandanas remain folded most of the time, so many other players wish that they remained open all the time. If I want them to remain open and obstruct my view, just let it. Some time ago I bought the Night Hunter Syandana paying money, thinking it would remain open. Only to find out that it will stay folded unless I keep bullet jumping. ı was really disappointed by that. So gettng a toggle for that function is my and others’ dream thank you
  8. Just please add a toggle for all winged Syandana! Why is it a problem that they obstruct my view If I am fine with it?
  9. A toggle for all winged ephemeras would be a welcome addition in general. People have been asking for this for a long time but DE doesnt seem to be interested.... I would love to have my Night Hunter Syandana stay open all the time. It looks awesome open and terrible closed. PLEASE DE
  10. Sorry mb, didnt notice a thread already existed
  11. So apperently WB games just acquired the patent for their Nemesis system from Shadow Of Mordor/War games and may cause trouble to other devs that try something similar. I am now quite curious whether this situation is going to have any ill effects on the current Kuva Lich and the future Queenpin systems in Warframe. Any thoughts?
  12. As far as I know sentients lost their ability to reproduce, that’s why they are so few in numbers
  13. I have Volt Proto skin but he doesnt have ligtning walk effects, what do ylu mean?
  14. Equipping Vengeful Charge+ Shocking Step ephemera together would be cool
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