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  1. Except the new warframe Caliban and some enemy designes were still at concept art phases during tennocon and we know how long it takes DE to transform concept into 3D functioning models… so yeah it will take a while
  2. Surely those two are enough to keep us happy for another 3-4 months until TNW arrives(!)
  3. I am also wondering this. Do the clones also launch seperate glaives hitting additional targets or what?
  4. Wouldnt it be awesome if you didn’t fashioframe some warframes like Ash,Octavia and Ivara to only see them out of missioms since in mission invisible makes them literally an invisible blur. Why not add a slider to choose from your frame becoming more transparent/ghostly to disappear completely and let us see our frames in action?
  5. As a bandaid solution, you can tone down special effects from game s settings so they will be less aggressive to your eyes
  6. STEEL PATH SENTIENT SURVIVAL!! Imagine the horror
  7. MR 27 active player. IGN: _Euphoria_
  8. Please DE, many people have been asking for a toggle to choose whether your winged syandana staya open or closed when aiming. If it is not possible, cant we get to know why? I have seen a lot of posts about the same topic and wanted to create yet another one for attention.
  9. I would love my Night Hunter Syandana to remain open aswell. But losing hope for a toggle each day passing by
  10. Remove the grind… Give prime cosmetics for free… Rain down forma to players… How will DE make money then?
  11. The mods have some niche uses and altering the lasting conditions of the arcane is an easier and lazier job for DE than reworking them
  12. These arcanes are widely known as weak not worth it as the conditions the make use of the effects are not very practical. Since galvanized mods lose 1 stack after their duration runs out and not all the stacks, I thought why arcanes like Theorem Infection lose all stacks when the timer runs out. let them degrade instead of running out completely and they could be more widely used. thanks for reading
  13. Yeah see you 1 year later when that actually makes it ingame
  14. Proper two handed scyhtes with thr own stance. let us cosplay the grim reaper
  15. Yeah I wonder what was the design purpose for the alt fire? ”Check this firemode which fires 2 bullet for each enemy, you can one shot level 5 enemies!!!!!!!! Awesome right?”
  16. Maybe there will be a post New War Cetus and Fortuna relays for those who have completed the quest. Dont think orb vallis or PoE will cha ge tho
  17. Yeaj I dont like this inconsistency about assasinated characters showinp up later again. If you dont want your characters to be killed in those mission, just nake it clear that they escaped after the fight like Vay Hek mission from Earth
  18. This was hands down the best Tennocon event for me! The presentation was absolutely beautiful and the HYPE IS REAL! #formybrothers Also crossplayy!!!!!!!!!!! Even on mobile!!!!!!! I dont even.... I love Warframe and love you DE ^^
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