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  1. Another reason, upon a laundry list as to why old players keep getting shafted. How many more controversial changes are they going to make, until people are allowed to be upset.
  2. Ah, the old entitlement argument. What's this, people voicing their disapproval about a change. We can't have any of that! Entitlement! Entitlement!
  3. I suppose. *Sigh*. Well back to eidolon hunting. The only real "end game" content that I actually enjoy. Good talk.
  4. In what way have I belittled the user? He gave a snarky comment I replied. I know, but am I not entitled to vent off my frustration? In all the years that DE has done stuff of similar manner, I always just ignored it. Choosing instead to play a different game, and giving warframe a break. But what irritates me is that I just recently grinded the cetus standing, only for this "remaster" to drop.
  5. I've been here far longer than you have. I think I have an idea of how this game works. The issue is, plains of eidolon was not fun at launch. People were subjugated to an awful grind, and a rather miserable experience. Now, here is DE giving new players a free pass, because reasons. This is basically if they were to make the acolyte event come back, but increased the drop rates of the rare mods.
  6. I have nothing else to add to this one sided discussion.
  7. I disagree, but whatever. No point in getting emotional over this.
  8. Okay. This is at least something.
  9. "Older players spend less and less time playing the game" Based on what metric? Been here since closed beta, and I'm still playing.
  10. Well players who had to suffer through the plains of eidolon grind on day 1 be seeing some form of compensation for their efforts? Well those who wasted resources and time, on POE, be seeing at least some form of anything?
  11. Vs stands for Void strike. The way it works is that you "precharge" charges. Usually this is achieved during the first 5 or so minutes before night. Depending if you have void strike, madurai focus tree, leveled you will have a very specific amount of stacks. These stacks are used to quickly delplet the eidolon's shields.
  12. >There needs to be another way of disembarking off of archwing. I've seen many a noob melee down, and waste vs charge. I suggest giving us the option of taking it off by reselecting it again. So select once to use archwing. Select it again, while using it, to take it off. >Unairu Wisps just don't work. It is already a color frenzy with all the lasers and stuff. It gets even worse when you have to also keep track of unairus wisps, in order to use them. I suggest making a notification occur, kind of like the notification of lures, when they spawn, or make them actively seek out players.
  13. This essentially summarizes my feelings. I dislike how if I want to buy the prime warframe I need to drop 79.99 to get it. If I want the stupid little icons I need to drop 79.99 to get them. It is very infuriating and discouraging.
  14. First off, what are your thoughts on Prime Access. Do you think it is good value for the money? If you think it is, please explain why. If you don't think it is good value for the money, please also explain why. Now, in my opinion I don't think it is good value for my money. For starters the Prime Access tiers feels like an absolute waste of money. You have three tiers, all which are priced differently. The lowest one grants you only the weapons, and gives about 1k plat. This sound okay, I suppose, expect for the fact that it costs about 49.99$. With that much money I can buy an indie game that can grant me far more entertainment value then that. Furthermore, why would I dump that much money on just the weapons themselves when I can grind them out? Surely there would be an attempt at least incentivizing the player. Next, we have the middle tier, which is substantially better. You get the prime warframe, weapons, 2625 plat, and some neat profile icons to use. This sounds great, except that it self costs 79.99$. Consider the following, you just dumped about 79.99$. I don't know about you, but this is just horrendous. Finally, the most offensive tier is the 139.99$ tier. Which, I have no words to describe just how crappy of a deal that it is. If I were to change the Prime Access tiers, I would make the lowest tier include both the prime warframe and the weapons. The middle tier will include the prime warframe, weapons, icons, and plat. The final tier will include all of the above, including prime accessories, and a substantial increase in plat. I understand why the prices are set the way they are. Specifically, to pay for the IT infrastructure, the labor in maintaining and updating the game, and so on and so forth. However, as someone who has payed for Prime Access in the past, I feel entitled to at least vent off my frustration. I would like to hear your thoughts as well.
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