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  1. PLEASE IF ANYONE SEES THIS BARUUK IS BROKEN I don't know what you did to that "archaic" bug, but now, using transference will break Desolate Hands, basically resetting the ability. I know for a fact it wasn't like this prior to THIS hotfix.
  2. Still no fix for Garuda's hands clipping through her talons when lokking at her in the arsenal
  3. Still no fix for Garuda's hands clipping through her talons in the arsenal.
  4. Still NO FIX towards Garuda’s hands clipping through her claws in the arsenal. I am on a low end platform, using all low specs, but I don’t see this as being the problem. Garuda’s hands use the regular claw stance but her claws have their own stance. So they clip through each other BLATANTLY. How has no one seen this...
  5. OK I REALLY HOPE THIS IS SEEN BUT PLEASE FIX GARUDA’S #*!%ING FISTS!!!!!!!! I never have anything to complain about but seriously every time you look at garud’s talons in the arsenal, her hands are in the standard claws pose, WHICH DOES NOT FIT WITH HER CLAWS!
  6. I would simply like to point out that you guys have NOT changed the What’s New section of the launcher. It is still on Mask of the Revenant! i like patch notes.
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