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  1. Bruh, Hydron is for leveling... and you aren't mission out on affinity if that's your concern you still get all the affinity as long as you're in affinity range. Having a to leech off a DPS to level is amazing because when you're in public squads your weapons share 75% of the affinity... And you can't kill all those enemies with a weapon that you're leveling... It would be slow as hell and boring. With Warframes it's better to level them solo since they get more affinity in solo play than in squad play. There is legit videos on this subject. If you want to have fun while leveling go to Helene. You won't see much DPS Warframes there and you will still get the same amount of affinity since it's not based on the level of the enemy, but what type of enemies you encounter.
  2. Thanks for the update! Going to fix Garuda's first ability being able to fall under the map? Lol
  3. White Tower pigment needs to be easier to obtain... Birds in PoE are rare and they drop none to little amounts of White Tower pigment...
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