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  1. Been playing on my alt, can solo Veil, do eidolons, have done everything up to Chimera, and am only MR7 currently. NOTE: Im not annoyed by the MR, it makes sense because Paracesis is stronk. I think waiting is a good part of the progression, gives you time to evolve to become the ultimate Tenno.
  2. Praying that it doesn't get nerfed because of messages like this but the Pennant is insanely strong. Sacrificial heavy attack build gives me 22k damage slash ticks with an extra mod slot with no mod. It absolutely dominates enemies even in high end Veil Proxima.
  3. Battle Avionics need huge buffs to drop rates soon. Farming for several days for 6 hours per day isn't acceptable just for one ability mod.
  4. That and the fact it hasn't had it's damage converted to the Railjack types so it deals 0 damage even if you do manage to hit the enemies.
  5. Archmelee still doesn't work in Railjack, and it doesn't autolock onto enemies. This needs to be changed before next week so we can actually use our full arsenal.
  6. Very disappointed with what was demoed here. It's looking very obvious by all the bugs and balancing issues that this shouldn't release for another few months. Launching without solo play is also going to be a huge mistake. Lighting (I believe you said that the UI was causing a bug with that) is way too dark. Resource management shouldn't be a thing. We shouldn't have to spend the entire game trying to build things or praying that we get a certain resource we need. Spending my entire time aboard my Railjack putting out fires shouldn't be a thing. The enemy difficulty is way too scaled up, it shouldn't have taken as long as it did to destroy support fighters. The Railjack UI is way off of what it should be: Pilot crosshairs is much too big, not being able to turn systems on and off looks terrible, navigation looks 10 times worse than it did at Tennolive, and the spectate others feature where you can borrow abilities looks nice in thought, but it's really just AFK and look through other viewpoints, contributing nothing to the team. Energy economy and especially HP values looks atrocious. I'm not looking forward to spending the holiday season sitting in free roam solo not doing anything. Also, from what I saw there were 3 zones: Veil, Earth, and Saturn Proxima. What happened to: Heliosphere, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, and Jupiter? You advertised Nova and Ivara Deluxe on the banner for this week's stream, but no mention nor preview of them was to be found. As for The New War, all you had to say is that it's being delayed. Adding timegates isn't helpful, it's monotonous and boring, we learned that with Rising Tides. HOWEVER, I think there are some good things you have done here with Railjack. The tech tree and intrinsics look very, very good. While we didn't get to see the skins, I'm hoping that we can get individual part replacement such as Cowling/Nacelles. If it's just a one and done skin equip, customization is going to be very limited. Overall, Empyrean is looking to be a majorly disastrous release to end what has been one of Warframe's worst years in content and Devstreams (we have had one of the lowest amounts of Devstreams this year, which doesn't necessarily mean there isn't devwork being done, but we have no idea what you are actually doing.), which just shows how little pre-release feedback you are getting. Showing us how Railjacks work a week or two before you hope to release them isn't just a bad idea, it's a terrible one. This should have been shown off in early October/November so we could at least give you feedback before you crunch in order to release this.
  7. Will you be sticking with the "X bonus for X missions" system shown at Tennocon 2019 or will you opt for a more Warframe-like style? Is New War being delayed? The official trailer states it will be launching "Christmas 2019". Can we please see some of the Railjack cosmetics in game and how expensive you estimate them to be in terms of plat? Thank you all so much, I'm hyped to jump into Empyrean soon!
  8. Hoping Empyrean actually releases this month close to Ivara PA, I think you guys can do it! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ DE TAKE MY ENERGY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  9. Velvskr, or SS Velvskr. (Fel-vh-sh-cur) I also plan on formaing my Railjack 100 times. If I can't forma it, I will fly 50 missions piloting backwards.
  10. As much as I know inside that it most likely will not be because DE delays things, we have 0 concrete proof that it will not be this year. In fact, the only actual proof we have from the trailer is that it releases this December.
  11. While I don't think telling them to just do a devstream anyways is going to do anything, I do agree with it being quite annoying to hear no information on things for months. We haven't had much Empyrean details, heard almost nothing about New War which is supposed to release this December (not hearing many things or "oh yeah, we don't want to talk about it" usually means the update has low progress). We have only had TEN devstreams this year so far, which is quite surprising considering last year we had almost 20. Kinda disappointed in the lack of information, but what really gets me is that we don't know if that is equating to more work getting done.
  12. New War and Empyrean were announced on the same stage at Tennocon 2018.
  13. Yes, I didn't say that both of them will be coming together, I don't know where you got that from. New War is confirmed to be "Christmas" by DE themselves in the trailer. So it will release December, 2019. I'm just interested to know if Empyrean is going to change their current plan or move it back. Empyrean does have involvement with New War because of the Sentient fighters for Empyrean, but New War isn't as game changing as Empyrean, so it shouldn't be held back longer than early 2020 at most.
  14. *Laughs in Candy Cane scythe and Christmas Tree Orbiter* But seriously, the inconsistency of this temporary or permanent decision is just annoying. I think it should be permanent just so if you get a cool idea (like Pumpkin King Grendel) then you can do that whenever. Besides, Peculiar Mods exist, as well as pink on color palettes. The game can look like a joke whenever a player decides to make it look like one.
  15. What's interesting is that New War was supposed to be the Christmas update (according to the trailer). Unless Empyrean is no longer a part of it, Empyrean would have to be released mid-november, which isn't happening unless it's almost near completion and we just haven't heard of it yet.
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