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  1. One of the disruption missions in between October 5th-6th was on Venus, which has no "high-ranking" enemies. You kill all the lower tier enemies, then no enemies spawn, and the mission is impossible. My best guess is that because Disruption is allowed to generate in the lowest tier zones, Syndicates can use it as a mission type, and the enemy level dictates that there is low enemy spawns/no high ranking enemies. Hoping this gets fixed soontm, as it stopped my progression in Nightwave.
  2. The real question is, does it matter? Simaris' Mastery rank test room goes up to the 30th Mastery rank, so why not have achievements set in place for it so it isn't a mathematical concern when the first founders should be able to get it that way there doesn't need to be a secondary patch just to calculate how much Mastery is available in the game for the achievement?
  3. Haven't received my TShirt yet or got an email, hopefully I will get it soon.
  4. Initial thoughts on Melee 2.99 are as followed: VFX is great, almost everything else is utter trash. No, this is not the lack of being able to use Exodia Contagion because that doesn't do anything anymore until it gets noticed and fixed. It is literally a bad change to the game. First: Instant switching. This literally prevents Holster styles from working, meaning essentially wasted plat for a no longer available effect, and this ruins my next point, combos. Also, this makes the game extremely clunky to play. I have received a lot of thoughts from friends saying that they didn't know if they would be able to use melee anymore because of these changes. Second: Combos are mostly ruined beyond existence. Anything that required block for combos (such as August Mesto from Tempo Royale) now requires you to hold right click, then spam melee. If you press right click after the first melee strike (like beforehand and how combo flows naturally), you will literally just switch to your primary secondary. Third: Removal of manual block for auto block. One of my issues with this is not being able to block in captura without getting extra unwanted effects. If you don't block, you shouldn't receive damage resistance. This also removes countering in melee from existing anymore, which used to be when you channeled while blocking and another enemy meleed you, causing a finisher. Fourth, and final for me here, are ground slams. This is my only positive thing other than VFX that Melee 2.9 changed. Even this however, comes with it's own painful sacrifice. Slams pre-24.4.0 were absolute garbage. They did near nothing (with some weapons having special effects) and were bad for damage. The new ground slams have directional, but the angle of which this occurs ruins air strikes normally for things like Exodia Contagion, even if it wasn't bugged and didn't work. This update, while trying to add "Flow" to combat, has done the complete opposite, and a revert might be a good option. The Melee 2.0 system we had was very good, and was one of the more enjoyable parts of combat, and made new players enjoy the game because of it's flow. Thanks for taking the time to read this far, hopefully at the end of everything a perfect balance can be found.
  5. The same time my Fortuna clan emblem gets added in lol
  6. When can we see replayability for The Chimera Prologue? Really want to experience it again.
  7. There is a way to bug your kitguns and other items to the Switch, which was mentioned several times after the migration started, which I hope was fixed already.
  8. Quite misleading, but if you have Nitro you won't actually get the pack. You have to spend at least an additional 10 bucks or so to get Nitro Games if you already have Nitro. Sorry mates who just traded free codes to get the normal Nitro from the Discord giveaway.
  9. For how long will this last? Broke currently rip.
  10. "that" refers to November 1st. Which is precisely why people thought so. The first week of a month is not the first full week, but the week a month starts in. It isn't listening issues in the community, it's just knowing what November 1 to whenever you classify the end of the week by, be it November 2, 3, or even 4.
  11. I don't know about that. According to Steve's twitter post Tuesday, most of what they had to do was fix economy and AI types
  12. I am quite confident DE can release tomorrow, but if not, these amazing people can make it next week, or if they have to, the week after.
  13. "That first week" literally says November 1st if you read exactly what she said. the 5th starts the second week. The first week of a month is not directly the first full week. All we can do is pray DE get it done by tomorrow.
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