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  1. From what I understand it's all because Wolf Sledge is a "hammer" class item and uses hammer stances. For it to work without being entirely recoded the Wolf Sledge would need to use "thrown weapon" identification and stances/mods.
  2. Please explain how it has gotten worse. The mode has had several direct improvements and a larger variety of missions to do, how does that harm the gamemode?
  3. Yeah, this was how I envisioned Railjack, as a semi replacement to the landing craft load sequence, but of course it'll need a lot more development before it hits that point. Old Railjack was an unfun mess and I hope lessons were learned from it, that way the mode as a whole can move forward into a stronger gameplay loop.
  4. Tried to use Crew for two Corpus Voidstorms, and they died nigh on immediately. Either Crew needs HP buffs, the interior of Railjack needs to not randomly spawn enemies when there isn't a ramsled, or the random lightning bolts that almost 1 hit KO Endurance 5 Crew need to be removed from the ship. And considering how much the Omni gets jammed in this (might've bugged out?), I can't get back to my ship in time to revive all 3 of my Crew before they are all dead from the random lightning bolts. The only other option is to use the new matchmaking for Railjack since Corpus Proxima that completely
  5. I haven't been paying much attention to what other people have been saying about Railjack, but do most people really hate the new Corpus Proxima stuff? I thought they were a wonderful mesh of Railjack and normal Warframe experiences, but I might just be an outlier.
  6. What needs to be fixed? I've been using it since it dropped and nothing seems off about it from my perspective.
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