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  1. Fix the Goddamn Spectre when you throw spectre balls your party members will encounter a 1 second Freeze FPS even if they throw too you will encounter 1 second Freeze FPS
  2. totally same Question you are not the only one
  3. March 27? aww i cant play on that day until 28 😞 is this need to login on March 27 to unlock the missions or just play on March 27 until April 10 and you can still earn them even you play on March 29 im free on March 29 i hope this is not login reward or else im floofed 😞 somebody tell me it can earn anytime on the said days Thank you ❤️
  4. Found a Really funny Bug 😄 Fortuna Bounty Assassination after collecting a certain credits he will spawn BUT if you hit any status he will get instantly 100000000% Damage Reduction on what status you hit and its like a GOD for a bounty 2 for 10-20 and the only thing you can defeat him is to threw him up to the water HAHAHA i feel bad for the new players if the ydont have operator to threw them dashing through him
  5. RIP Epidemic and Contagion for Zaw Arcanes 😞 you need to double jump/bullet jump + AIM + Melee to cast them before just double jump and press quick melee to cast so sad to be a zaw user 😞 my main weapon is sniper and i want to cast contagion and ended up sniper contagion and i got Dizzy aiming with zaw so basically all melees for me is now Slide Dash uses no more combos no more block with primary equiped and secondary goodbye old melee mechs or just- Bring Back or give us an option to USE New melee Mechanics and Old Melee Mechanics cant even do a Rightclick Stance like Nikana -_-
  6. This is the exact idea what i want Give us an Option to use the New Melee controls and Old Melee Controls just like you from Archwing that Legacy controls i hope this one can hear us
  7. @[DE]Megan Bring back the Melee Controls please? like Holding Switch weapon to Melee then we can Manually Block i like the Controls before than now 😞 i like the new Melee changes but the controls i prefer hybrid melee boi to range boi if we really need it than this one just equip melee to block no primary and secondary or just Give us an option to use the new melee Controls or the old Melee controls its a good idea right? like you did on Archwing legacy controls right? right?
  8. I dont know if this is BUG but when someone is capturing Sixwolves Fugutive you cant get points when i do it i got points / wayback on update i got points even they capture it weird right
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