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  1. Maybe they would allow use to use the fighters from within the Copus and Grineer cruise ships we jack.
  2. Just as a suggestion maybe we can post the quickest way to do some of the acts. For example the acts that ask for 150 - 500 kills with or without an elemental type or the collection of 5 - 8 rare mods - I do on Salca (archwing) in Neptune, usually on the first run and in a group.
  3. To be honest there's nothing out there that looks like Warframe, as their version of sci-fi looks so different. And because of that I would say that they haven't got any real competition.
  4. Archwings are basically Warframe's version of Gundams. They are not supposed to be fighters, so they won't move like them as they allow for more freedom of movement. I remember Steve mentioning the game Strike suit Infinity, so the controls were probably based off of that. To me the mode is actually reminiscent of Capcom games like Section Z (1985), Hyper Dyne Side Arms (1986) and Forgotten Worlds (1988).
  5. Look the likelihood is that it will probably go down like this, if your down with archwing your probably like this and if your not then you won't.
  6. It could mean that. However, I would have thought that the demo would have been rehearsed before the reveal. They could have numerous Kuva Lichs in operation.
  7. You can't say that because we don't truly know the state of the game mode, for example the Railjack never destroyed the two generator positions that were protecting the Kuva Lich. Also, if the release date was close then I'm sure they would have mentioned it. I wouldn't be surprised if it went down like this: Railjack release Chrismas 2019 The New War released a month before TennoCon 2020 The Diviri Paradox will have a gameplay reveal at TennoCon 2020 and a release for October 2020.
  8. Isn't there a drought after the Jovian Concord??? I was done with it after 2 weeks of release.
  9. Usually I would say that it would be out in October. However, I think that they will release it completed or piece meal before Destiny 2 goes free to play in September.
  10. Sorry, but that is not good enough, as they have created items that are in need of nitain. If season two wasn't ready, then they should have told us and kept season 1 in place until it was.
  11. I totally agree with you, even though I have no need for nitain. I like Night wave, but the alerts system is a much quicker way of obtaining nitain (for those that wish it) than night wave. So, I don't know why they don't allow both. I mean that (only) the 4 hourly nitain alerts should run along side nigth wave.
  12. To be honest Night Wave season one feels like it should have finished three weeks ago. Since you plan to add a catch up feature to the new season, then please don't make season two run for soooo long.
  13. Are you going to do a one day Black Friday sale on all prime access????
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