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  1. This is just filler material, and we will get a lot more of it from now until TennoCon 2020. In my opinion TennoCon has put DE in the worse content release cycle ever. In order to break away from it, they should make TennoCon biannual.
  2. Just a quick suggestion, crewships should die after shooting its health down to zero with your turrets.
  3. Question! What's wrong with giving players choice, as some people will choose to play their favourite mode continuously regardless of what DE intended. When you become strong and acquire those avionics (which you will), your play time for missions will dramatically reduce. Your play style will also change for example, whilst the a-wings go and do the objective, I collect resources by ramming into things at high speed with my particle ram. This does that 10 mins and it allows me to finish when the objective is completed. I understand that you may want to, but others may not if their focus was just on intrinsic farming. Again, when your Railjack becomes stronger, you don't feel the need to be returning to the DD after every mission, instead you want to continue. This is why I suggested that there be a 'leave the squad' option that could be used by players on the completion of the mission. I agree.
  4. Avionics Screen -It needs A, B, C Configs so you can try out different builds. -There needs to be a mod button, so that individual avionic mods can be upgraded off the grid. -All that gold is confusing, each house (Zekti, Vidar & Lavan) should have their own colour. -Stats for the super cannon should also be included on this page and they should show how its affected by the Forward artillery mod.
  5. The current state of Rail Jack gameplay is: 1-Play and complete the mission. 2-Refine your materials. 3-Return to dry dock. Players are always returning to the dry dock: - to rectify a bug - because crew members (players) will shoot the windscreen, jump up & down in front of or place a glyph on the pilot, to block their view and pressure them into returning (please add a leave squad option for these types of player) - because it's more efficient to restore your payload at the dry dock with the extra resources gained from refining Instead why don't you reward the players for continuous play, no dry docking. To do this you could apply a multiplier for intrinsics for each node you move onto with out dry docking. The multipliers could be the same as the survival and defence multipliers, I think there should be multipliers for the resources as this and the system would encourage players to play Rail Jack how you intended players to play it.
  6. Not quite, because their stock pile for command doesn't count anymore.
  7. Found crates in the galleon ship floating above the ground. Why does the galleon ship still fire missiles and launch ramsleds at you after the commander has been killed? After hijacking a (Veil Proxima) crew ship and killing all the crew including the pilot & rampart gunners, the ship is still capable of shooting out the healing aura by itself. Crewship gunners are still capable of attacking you during the destruction animation (which comes after the core meltdown timer reaches zero). Also in one instance the gunner managed to get three shots off as the ship disappeared.
  8. STEAM CONTROLLER BUGS Avionics Menu -Can't remove the mods off the grid, when X is pressed the UI changes to the upgrade grid UI. [Improvement Suggestions] -There needs to be a mod button so that individual avionic mods can be upgraded off the grid. -All that gold is confusing, each house (Zekti etc) should have their own colour. Tactical and Piloting -There is no tactical option in the UI of the steam controller's in-game action list. [I bound the L key to the central press of the Left track-pad] -The ship plan/map in the tactical menu can some times appear stretched at the top or at the bottom or both. When it is like this the screen usually crops the top or bottom of the plan and you can not access the top or bottom teleportation points. It can also appear with no teleportation points present. -A central press of the track-pad has no effect (tactical does not appear) whilst in melee mode. However, it will appear if you press L on the keyboard. -If you start piloting whilst in melee mode, it stops both under buttons and the central press of both the left & right track-pads from working. -If I central press the left track-pad to display tactical whilst piloting, then all controller functionality is lost. To reset it I have to press ESC to close the tactical menu and press X on the keyboard to dismount the piloting position, then all the controller functionality returns. -Whilst piloting if you press any key on the keyboard, then all controller functionality is lost. To reset it you have to press the X key to dismount from the piloting position, then all the controller functionality returns. -Sometimes when you attempt to teleport from the pilot position to somewhere else it doesn't work. After selecting the teleportation point, the warping animation will play but you are warped back to the original piloting position and all controller functionality is lost. [Boost Improvement Suggestion] I play Warframe with sprint toggle selected and this affects the railjack boost in the following way. Once boost is activated and the meter runs out, the meter will not recharge until you repress sprint. So you could forget about it being on and have no booster for x amount of time until you remember. Instead when the booster has run out it should automatically reset the toggle, so that recharging can commence straight away.
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