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  1. So I just got my second Lich weapon today, the Kuva Chakkurr. Im trying to figure out how I want to mod it, but I can't figure out what kind of weapon it is. At first I thought it was a sniper rifle because its able to equip Sniper Ammo Mutation, but it can't equip Depleted Reload. So then I figured it was a rifle but it also can't equip Tactical Reload. DE. What. Is. This. Gun???
  2. Has anyone else been noticing recently that Prosecutors are spawning on planets other than Ceres. I just had one spawn during my sortie on the Lua tileset today.
  3. Im having the same issue, havn't gotten the drop and I've unlinked and relinked my accounts multiple times tonight.
  4. Watched the entire stream for both part 1 and 2, didnt get the drop either time. I even unlinked and relinked between parts. :c
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