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  1. Dude, chill out. They don't know when they'll have a release build until they almost have it. They never promised anything. Besides, wouldn't you rather they delay it by a couple days to make it more stable, instead of releasing a massive bug/crashfest right before a 3 day weekend? This whole time they've been saying they *hope* it'll be this week, they *think* they can have it ready. Afaik they never gave a concrete release date.
  2. I've had a stream open literally since this started, all i want is Nidus, but no. I've gotten 4 ambulas noggles, 2 Khora helmet bps, and more credits, glyphs and fireworks than I care to count, but the only things of interest that i've gotten is 4 relics, a cetus wisp and a nitain extract. I know I have bad luck but this is ridiculous. What's the drop chances for Nidus and Khora?
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