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  1. So why not ban the people using Macros instead of making farming worse for the entire player base, it's ridiculous, they're killing their own game, so many people leave cause of their BS, and I'm fed up with it as well
  2. So there's a glitch or what I thought was a glitch in every survival, steel path, arbitration, ect. Their A.I is broken and Idk what's up with it. Someone told me it's cause people were using Macros to afk farm steel essence and DE did something that broke the AI. They even put this on console which I don't think you can even use Macros on PS4/Xbox. This means it's harder for me to get Steel Essence and Vitus Essence normally. If they didn't want people afk farming then why not just increase drop chances or ban the people using Macros instead of punishing the entire community?
  3. We were farming for Akarius and it put me in a game by myself and my friend had been in the squad and he told me they got akarius, I got kicked so I couldn't get it, I've experienced many bugs in the past week so this is getting ridiculous
  4. I'm pretty sure this is a bug but not sure if this is supposed to happen, is my Kubrow still supposed to lose health when I'm offline cause there's no way to put him away so he doesn't lose health and it's the same for my other pets, just logged in and my Vasca Kavat was at 10% health
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