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  1. All of the fixes are the kind of thing that require tons of work from the programmers both in addressing the issues directly but also how it interlinks with some very complex coding. There was a lot in this hotfix, and Thank you DE it is very much appreciated. Still someting odd going on with the Cetus spears disappearing from inventory or not re-equipping to the fishing wheel rather than the gear wheel and I am sure a million other little things. But TY guys for all of your hard work, and TY for actually listening to us out here in the community. I for one do really appreciate you guys (even if i am still hurt over nyx) :P You guys are great ^_^ Nyx
  2. This really hasnt addressed any of the issues with Nyx. The AI for mind controlled enemies is still bjorked. a Charger mind controlled at Akkad spent 50 seconds meandering in a circle, attacked one foe, was attacked by 12+ and only deviated from this behavior to run directly at me as i fired my lenz.. this has repeated with each attempt to make that power someway useful in a fight. Her #2 is now the single worst power in the game AND can take 3 extra seconds to turn it off if you were silly enough to use it. It randomly debuffs upto 6 foes out of 50 and which enemies is random. it cannot be recast until it expires/dispelled.Where once you needed the augment, but firing off 3-4 volleys could still break up a large hoarde for you. and her #4?/ just WTH guys? You can buff your team if only you are willing to suicide? (Because if you are taking fire to charge your absorb, dropping absorb is a bad idea...) Previously it was necessary to use at least 3 of Nyx 4 augments to make her viable as anything other than 'press 4', now not even her augments can make her useful other than as a disposable nuke... Please! just put her back! (With MUCH MUCH extra on the please) Nyx.
  3. Didnt know where else to put this. The Prime Accessories packs ae mis labeled on teh web page. the nova accessories gives the velorum Sigil with the edo prime armor set and NOT the syandana as it is listed. I am unsure if the mag accessories are working Nyx
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