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  1. Thank you. Just went and closed my own ticket about this. I've been checking my support ticket for over two weeks now, seems they're really busy. Looking forward to the fix.
  2. I know about this option. Right now, some actions can still cancel Warframe sprint (or Railjack boosting). So what I meant was that there was talk of having a setting that just forces it on at all times without having to manually apply the sprint. i.e. Warframes would deploy into missions sprinting and just "jog" by default in the Orbiter, because the slowest movement speed almost never see any use.
  3. Few thousands devstreams ago ;P there was talk of adding an option for always run. How's that coming along?
  4. Please do, thank you. 100 Cred (wolf howl + operator suit) is quite a lot, almost two weeks' worth at 30+
  5. I did a short search before posting, saw so many reports and yet no explanation nor acknowledgement from DE. During a mission the map would only indicate the location of the extraction area but NO door/corridor markers to show how to get there. In the last kuva fortress mission it took my team and I two entire rounds just to search for the extraction. Can someone please take a few minutes and explain where are we with this bug, Is this something DE is even aware of at all?
  6. Please consider adding the tap/hold inverse function to Gara's Shattered Lash
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