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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cc0WSfbBzec My clan is too big to cover in 3min but this is as close as i can get ps4 shadow clan Immortal Ninja, by clan warlord founder Zeus_the_Destroy
  2. Will this be like the previous maintenance?, while in game some host migrations will occur, or some players appear to leave in game mission? Or is it just the cetus and relay servers?
  3. Inaros-Tutankhamen: Any - Polarity aura, Handspring, Umbural intensify rank8, Umbural vitality rank8, Umbural fiber rank7, Gladiator resolve max, Negation swarm max, Hunter adrenaline max , Vigor max
  4. In air combat, its either ground slam or one basic swing, its more basic whe using archwing launcher ending in ground slam only. One of my questions is, will air combat be more versatile with 3.0? I'm thinking, possibly archmelee stances? Using the archwing launcher in cetus, I think using ranged whip would be pretty bad ass; taking out those tusk dargyns in just a simple swing. Also, what about having dual weapons, glaives, and whips as zaws? Archwing rivens?, could that be a thing? Off topic, I'm kind of curious about racing being part of the orbiter. Liset & Mantis vs Xiphos & Scimitar kind of thing. I was thinking air support charges could be put to use in a whole new way. For example said ship, Scimitar gets a flys over a 'power up' node or something and deploys a mine. I dont know, just a few thoughts here.
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