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  1. Didn't mention that one although i said... I hope it will be a thing.
  2. Hope It Will Get Released In The Next Update (Possibly The PoE Update)
  3. Everyone Of Us Have a "Wishlist" For Some Things He/She Wishes To See In The Game, Here Are Some Things Of My Wishlist That I Hope To See In The Future Updates. 1) After Hydroid Prime Release, People Are Wondering About Who Is The Next Prime To Be Released (Mesa Prime I Hope), But For Me The Thing I Want To See In The Next Prime Access Is a Primed Archwing (Itzal/Elytron), As PoE Is Coming This Month (I Hope) People Will Pay Attention To Archwing, So Adding a Second Prime Archwing Would Make Sense, a Very Good One. 2) As Far As We Know The Only Way To Roam The Plains Fast Is By Using
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