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  1. Hey everyone, Last devstream showed the upcoming exilus slots for weapons (Primary and Secondary only) to free a slot for some utility mods like reload speed, Zoom, Projectile flight speed, Ammo mutation and more, Which Sounds very useful. However, It appears that using a mod in this slot would drain mod capacity, Forcing anyone who wants to use these slots to forma their weapons more, Thus consuming time and forma, With the game having hundreds of primaries and secondaries. So i came up with a solution that could help in solving this problem. On the devstream, They confirmed That to unlock this slot it would be a new item and not the normal exilus adapters we use for warframes, So this new item could have a different variations like: Madurai ( V ) Exilus weapon adapter / Vazarin ( D ) Exilus weapon adapter / Naramon ( - ) Exilus weapon adapter. Using one adapter on a weapon would give the exilus slot a polarity matching the adapter (Much like forma but without leveling and stuff) And using the utility mod that matches this polarity would remove the mod cost. Example: Using Naramon ( - ) Exilus weapon adapter on a secondary weapon allows to equip a mod like quickdraw so it would drain 0 points instead if 7. Of course it would be awesome if using a mod in the exilus slot would drain nothing anyway without the polarity (by using a normal exilus weapon adapter and not the variations i suggested above), But that will most likely not happen. If anyone having a different solution feel free to share them.
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