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  1. A new player is disappointed with Baro inventory? Now I just know you're bullS#&$ting. Baro is a good place until you own everything he offers and you clearly do not own everything he offers as someone who has been playing for as little time as you can't have accrued all the necessary credits and ducats to own his entire inventory. Nor has he brought his entire inventory in the brief time you've been playing the game.
  2. Meh, New War is coming out in pieces they already said that however long ago now on some devstream. While the story is interesting, when will the story be finished? It's like asking yourself when will the next Game of Thrones book come out. The answer may surprise you (never.)
  3. Rivens are a mistake and I wish they weren't in the game, however, too late to close pandora's box. I really wish they would overhaul the system, however, I haven't heard of a riven rework anywhere. All they do is tinker with dispositions every PA. New weapon comes out that is popular? Rivens are going to cost over 1K plat for that weapon as the odds of getting a riven for a specific weapon are slim to none especially since they keep adding weapons. It would be fine if they allowed locking of stats, but once you lock stats you can't trade the riven. Simple. Elegant. You have to put in effort into your own rivens then and can't just throw platinum at the screen to get a CC CD Damage +recoil opticor riven or whatever it is you're after. Right now it's just the slot machine that they call end game, since you could farm 100 million kuva and not get the perfect roll for a given weapon.
  4. That is interesting info, I don't recall them talking about this personally though at the time I don't think I paid attention to devstreams. The glass enemies aren't that hard to kill, sure I noticed they were invulnerable until I shot at the glass protusions but after that they died in a split second.
  5. Difficulty of warframe as a game has only gone down over time and that's not likely to change. They're making hard mode missions, however, those with an optimized frame will still be pretty easy until you go for hours and hours straight. The only way they've made this game harder is by removing covert lethality/the ultimate cheese when it enabled you to kill any enemy with a finisher regardless of level.
  6. Well yeah anyone who knows a bit about this game knows how piss easy it is because the frame abilities are broken. Killing enemies will always be super easy with optimized builds on the likes of saryn and such.
  7. Almost all the builds are already the same because there's like 6+ slots that are locked into things like serration and split chamber and the flex slots are choosing what elements you want on your weapon. Most of the mods are garbage in this game so you have no reason to use them unless you just don't have all the mods.
  8. It's kind of a joke. You stagger yourself, enemies shoot you and you go down, or you just straight up down yourself with your weapon. Oh and AoE weapons now have massive damage falloff discouraging their use though kuva bramma is still hella popular because the weapon is still the best easy button like catchmoon before catchmoon got nerfed.
  9. When I had excalibur with just a rank 4 vitality I died a lot too. The same is true of railjack, if you don't put avionics on that help survivability you're going to get wrecked.
  10. It wasn't really LOR and NM LOR that were buggy as I too raided every day, it was JV that was a big mess that near the end was unplayable if you didn't know how to counteract the bugs. Heck they even made NM LOR easier eventually when the lightning didn't instakill the fomorian core like it used to. It dealt heavy damage, but at least the raid wasn't just over if you hit the electricity once. For raids to be relevant they need relevant rewards and proper teamwork unlike normal warframe where 1 man army is putting it lightly. As well as likeable replayable gameplay. I doubt DE will come up with something that good in that vein if eidolons and co. are anything to go by.
  11. Warframe is a game that you can put in a week of playtime every time some new content drops then forget about it until the next content drop. The go play something else argument does have negative aspects, however, playing just one game for months and months on end is going to burn anyone out. With warframe historically it isn't even worth it anymore to play a big content drop at launch because of bugs and they inevitably make it easier half a year down the line railjack is just the most recent example where they're going to make intrinsics easier to get, they made ship building costs easier, they have made resource requirements lower for repairing stuff like engines and reactors, etc. etc.
  12. They said raids were coming back sometime last year, so maybe raids will be ready to come back in 2024. By then everyone who enjoyed the raids originally will no longer be playing the game though so eh.
  13. I agree. Each piece of content they have been handing us for the past year and a half+ has been underwhelming. Then they make changes to the game that take a giant dump on what people have worked for in terms of rivens with the status chance change to shotguns. Did status shotguns do something egregious? Sure didn't, but let's nerf them anyways outside crit shotguns that still lack primed blunderbuss in 2020 and the kohm for whatever reason gets a gallon of steroids. While the storyline could be interesting, again, when is the story ever going to finish? In 5 years what will the lotus be doing, honestly have no clue.
  14. This is a loot based game so it should have universal vacuum. Alas we'll never get to save the slot on our pets/robots/whatever because DE won't listen. If I go into a mission without vacuum I honestly feel compelled to quit the mission, that's how essential vacuum is. Getting all the loot in a bigger room without vacuum is so time inefficient you're better off not collecting all the loot, which is just bad gameplay design.
  15. They aren't going to change this login system again. They already overhauled it. At this point I barely care if I miss a login day and I'm at around 1200 logins or something because rivens are stupid, the kuva means almost nothing because rivens are stupid especially in regard to rerolling, and endo is the last thing I want because I have enough endo to probably max out another set of primed mods from zero to ten, but lack the credits since I've used credits to amass more plat than I will ever need as well as some pedestal primes. Warframe doesn't cater to veterans and I doubt it ever will again outside the odd leaderboard event, which I don't really care about at this point either since getting number one on the leaderboards is finding an exploit, getting a team together, and running said event for a super long time with said team using the exploit until the game crashes, get the best score, or the entire team runs out of revives.
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