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  1. Damage amplifier with a nice ability on the side that gives him some decent survivability. At least if you build him right/as much strength as possible, no need for range and just a little duration via primed continuity. Can also be a CC frame with max range and lots of duration with his 4. His 1 is useless outside his augment for it.
  2. People still harping on about NW probably haven't even realized that to obtain rank 30 in a season for it you only need to do 65% or so of challenges. Don't like a challenge? Don't do it. Simple. The rewards for nightwave are way better then alert rewards of 80 endo + creds, 20 void traces, and all sorts of useless crap you can get in normal missions that aren't alerts.
  3. No relay is getting destroyed by razorback/fomorian. They're programmed to always be stopped by the tenno, only reason we would have a relay destroyed is if it was a tie in to some story progression in all likelihood.
  4. Hate to break it to you, but this game has virtually no challenge in regards to starchart level enemies already if you know what you're doing in regards to modding.
  5. You are aware you need 189 nitain extract total not counting research to build everything that requires nitain. #*!% doing 189 nitain alerts. It isn't just 'oh no vauban prime costs 20 nitain to build in total' there are a lot of primes and weapons that need nitain.
  6. Way longer then alerts, oh wait, first nightwave cred reward this season gives you a possible 50 nitain extract. Tell me how long it takes to get 50 nitain if you collect one at a time during alerts, some of which will be defense, survival, or what have you that are massive timesinks that reward just 1 nitain. To ANYONE just starting the game right now, they can get 50 nitain in their first week of playing by completing 10K worth of challenges when normally back in the day of alerts they would be lucky to get a tenth of that. You know what you guys sounds like who complain that this is a chore? When people complain about orokin cells in regards to crafting prime gear. Oh no, I have to grind ceres/saturn for 15 orokin cells for my gram prime what a horror I have to play the game. Jeeeeez I sure do hate playing the game.
  7. I have over 3K hours in the game. Have been playing for over 3 years. Nightwave is better sorry you can't see why.
  8. The gameplay for it just needs finetuning, work out bugs that I'm sure are in there and get it out to the public asap. I agree, even if a tileset remaster is coming (hope to god it's corpus ice planet since it's easily the worst tileset other then eris) it won't be for a LONG time post new war, which we know is holiday 2019. Here's hoping railjack is on pc by end of august though, as that seems likely unless they encounter some big problems. Only people who know best are DE employees as all we can say from the outside looking in I hope it comes soonTM.
  9. People complain about anything, even if it's exponentially better then the system that it replaced. Forcing you to play the game isn't really bad, because if you dislike playing the game so much maybe you shouldn't play it.
  10. The real question is why nyx over ash? Kind of weird. Next unvaulting will probably have ash and something else I guess.
  11. Grindy? Probably the grindiest nightwave challenge this week is do 10 syndicate missions, that's too many missions for 4K standing. Other then that every other challenge can be completed in a few hours tops. Oh and when you first rank up and get 150 nightwave creds you can buy literally 50 nitain extract with that many creds. All for 10K standing. If you want to tell me 50 nitain alerts is less grindy then getting 10K standing in NW go ahead, no one will listen to you. Stuff they don't enjoy playing? Sorry, try again. All NW does is require you to play warframe. Sure it may specify some mission types, but most challenges can be completed anywhere on the starchart. Not noob friendly? Neither were old alerts, once upon a time I missed many alerts because I didn't have the node unlocked for said alert that had nitain, potatoes, or what have you. Most alerts were garbage too. Give you creds + 80 endo? I'll pass, can literally get 80 endo by playing missions and picking up mods/endo balls. They also shove endo down our throats at this point, it's why maxed primed mods go for so little now in comparison to years ago when they commanded 500p+ price tags.
  12. Looks like it will be within 3 months from now for PC at the latest I would wager. Consoles a month to a month and a half later or so after PC gets it. Probably going to get more information on the next devstream potentially, but that's really all we know is what they tell us in their devstreams (tennocon is just a big devstream really.)
  13. Trinity not a tank? Don't make me laugh. Her EHP is one of the highest in the game if built correctly with adaptation in the mix now. On top of that giving 75% DR to the whole squad/pretty nice. Oh and energy vampire is a thing that gives energy while killing things easily because it scales and pairs with banshee sonar. People just hating on frames they don't understand as per usual. Her only garbage ability is her 1. Most people reading this thread probably don't even know that she is the most nerfed frame but she's still quite viable.
  14. Friend used one stalker beacon and we got the smoking body ephemera drop off it. If you guys want to call that 'earning' it I have a excal prime set to sell. These things should be tradable, as once you get one you never need them again/oh boy we can sell them for 20K creds or have 'bragging' rights by saying we have 5 seeding step ephemera or something in our inventory.
  15. New primes came out, forma those. Gilding a zaw takes 10 waves at hydron with an affinity booster. These are not hard challenges, you just wish the challenges were all as easy as emoting in mission. Boggles my mind how there can be over 400 frames and weapons and people complain about using forma 3 times for a challenge.
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