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  1. So that's why they held back on vauban rework, just making a new version from scratch and giving it to us even though it will take years for it to be primed. At least they mentioned increasing vauban's armor because damn I want to play vauban but he's still so squishy especially if they increase enemy damage.
  2. Nova is unlikely to come back soon. Next on the slate is likely nekros prime and trinity prime, though DE can pick whatever 2 frames they want and the weapons/accessories those frames came with (here's to you kavasa prime kubrow collar with trinity.) Just trade with other people if you want nova, for example if you farm out an ivara set and sell it you can likely buy a nova set.
  3. Join a clan that has the research done if you're going to complain repeatedly about not having the weapon research in your current clan. This one weapon is 3K mastery, and it isn't some grand powerhouse weapon it's MR fodder for 99.9% of people the .1% are the people with really good hema rivens. If your clan size is ghost or shadow, and you can't get your clan to go to the orokin derelict for half a day per member, your clan to be frank doesn't deserve the weapon. If your clan went up to storm, mountain, or moon before finishing research I suggest you join a clan that is well organized because well organized clans don't neglect hema research before they start going up in size.
  4. I don't see the problem, finally get a semi challenging enemy for a change but I still one shot veil enemies with a fragor prime heavy attack build.
  5. You prestige mode a la CoD resetting your MR to zero, then to hit MR 30 again you have to get 100K kills with each weapon/frame/companion to get all the mastery XP you can, which is still 3K per weapon and 6K per companion and frame. The grind never ends.
  6. Shatter burst I'm pretty sure, then seeker volley. Seeker volley is pretty as hell sadly it isn't very good in the veil even with a rhino roar of 168%.
  7. Use 4 relics at a time? Could burn through more a lot more quickly, however, the market likely crashes because gold primes parts would be easy to get even if you ran 16 intact relics your chances of seeing 1 gold drop increase substantially in comparison to 4 intact chance, which calculates out to 7.76% chance for at least one gold drop to appear if you run 4 intact relics simultaneously.
  8. How would they even implement RNG into nightwave, because right now you do nightwave challenges, you get standing, you get the rewards specified by each tier. Oh wait, I know. We remove nightwave and make it so nitain randomly appears 4 times every 24 hours, with each nitain only being obtainable for half an hour once it appears. Sounds like a lot of fun, like shedu farming but even more unpredictable because they can put out the nitain missions whenever they like and there will be no formula for it. Have fun not getting the nitain that appeared at 4am local time. Nightwave is fine to me beyond dupe rewards that are of no value to the player, give us something else instead. Like umbra forma.
  9. Took me a while to get a vidar reactor to drop, luckily it has +87 avionics capacity or something but even that much doesn't let me use all my slots even with me lacking a 7 rank hyperstrike and other slots are still empty like the 1st slot in weapon avionics. I suspect they'll do something about it soonTM but eh not holding my breath DE isn't known for their speed.
  10. If you made auction style trading you would have to add a platinum tax or I daresay most stuff becomes worthless overnight since the amount of prime items out there far exceeds demand for basically everything at this point and the only thing keeping values from collapsing completely is the fact that you have to use trade chat to sell or warframe.market, but that isn't an automated system either like WoW's auction house.
  11. Archwing was just flatout garbage and isolated from everything else. At least now archwing mods and archgun mods serve a purpose outside of archwing missions. Used to be you didn't have to give any #*!% about archwing stuff outside mastery and years later they mattered a little more with profit taker now once they tweak archwing in the context of railjack people will actually forma some archwing stuff. Railjack is quite likely to have so much stuff tied into it that they cannot abandon it namely the new war.
  12. They removed raids because the upkeep cost on raids was huge and 1% of the playerbase played it, including myself. Every major update they had to fix a bunch of bugs that were introduced with raids because they had a lot of spaghetti code in raids/it's like they would scratch their back and their leg would bleed. So they got removed. That's the story. They will continue to work on railjack. They spent years making railjack, it was THE big update last year, if they abandon it 2 months in it bodes quite badly. Railjack base is quite solid.
  13. There are still fissures in the void. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean much unless you're on for many hours and always checking fissures to see if one pops up in the void whenever they rotate.
  14. The resource rewards are meaningless, they give you the common components usually like copernics, pustrels, carbides, and cubics. I have tens of thousands of those already. Right now the only real valid way to upgrade is just go with the sigma stuff or buy repair drones. Until DE gets back and tweaks the numbers a bit to be more friendly to people who don't want to or can't spend plat.
  15. They aren't hard, just time consuming. There's a difference.
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