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  1. No, sadly, that's not it, as neither of us use Runtime at all (I don't like using it and my brother doesn't have it yet). My brother did try testing again on his and found that the mod still worked for any green lasers on normal corpus spy missions and on the yellow lasers in normal grineer and orokin spy missions.... but it won't work on the red or orange lasers in the spys that are on the newer jupiter tilesets or the newer corpus ship tileset that released with Protea. Maybe it's now color specific and they just didn't tell the players????
  2. As the title says. I ran a corpus jupiter spy last night, walked through the lasers and it detected me and pushed me back. Got upset because I though I had the mod on, but once I finished the mission i checked which build I had on and figured that I had on the wrong build without realizing it and moved on. However, I traded my younger brother an Infiltrate mod last night for his Ivara, and helped him make an ok build with what he had mod wise. Then he went to do a spy mission this morning to see how the mechanics worked, double checking that he had the had the right build on.....only
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