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  1. Type: In-game. Description: Noticed a bug with Theorem Infection (rank 3 atm). Leaving the Residual zone starts the timers countdown, entering a new zone does not refresh the timer on the arcane visually. The timer/arcane icon won't reappear until I've been out of any residual zone for 20 seconds, and my shadows of the dead continue to hit hard enough (and ignoring shields since my Residual is Viremia/Toxin) that I'm pretty sure the Theorem Infection is still working in the background but the icon/timer on the UI is broken for it. Reproduction: Leave Residual Zone, enter anothe
  2. Now that I've had a little time to experiment with Infection and Contagion, the feedback I'd provide would be - normalise the out of ring timer to 30sec minimum to allow more mobility, or else increase the % chance of spawning a ring on the residuals, the game often has downtime between skirmishes room-to-room or wave-to-wave and if we are already expending 2 arcane slots it feels better not to feel pressured for time to upkeep them with rng kill chances. For Infection, other than increasing the timer to 30sec, if a change were to be made make it so companions/summons who are buffed by In
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