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  1. Some feedback concerning avionics and reactors: Currently, everyone feels obligated to farm for reactors with ~100 avionics capacity, creating the idea that there is a "correct" RJ build in order to play at higher levels. This restricts the number of viable RJ builds and hinders creative diversity. Additionally, once you upgrade all your avionics and avionics slots, dirac pretty much loses all value. I know people who spent 1000+ plat on dirac from the market because they thought they were gonna need a lot of it and now it's just sitting in their inventory collecting dust. My solution to both of these issues is to create a method of "forma-ing" your RJ using dirac. Once an avionics slot is upgraded to rank 3, players could pay dirac into a slot to either gradually reduce the avionics drain on that specific slot, or just halve the drain on it like a normal warframe forma. Of course, the cost to do this would have to be balanced correctly so that its neither trivialized to the point where experienced players can knock it out in a day, nor so high that newcomers to RJ can't express creativity in their builds as they grind to MK3 parts.
  2. With the recent release of Titania Prime, I think its about time we give our girl a bit more love. Currently, Titania only has glyphs for her helmets/skins and her butterflys. It would be nice for her to at least be included in the "In Action" glyph series, along with other warframes that do not have as many glyphs associated with them. Additionally, it would be nice to get more warframe noggles. Currently, the warframe noggle set stops at Titania in terms of warframe release dates. I'm sure many of would would love to spend ungodly amounts of plat on noggles of the more recent warframes!
  3. Had a couple issues in the railjack portion of scarlet spear: 1. Satellite placement waypoint will disappear/not appear at all, making it impossible to continue the mission. 2. Sometimes when entering archwing mode, interactions become disabled. You can use recall to return to the ship, however you are stuck in archwing mode. I thought dying would possibly reset everything, however it seemed that enemies no longer targeted me. I was able to swap to operator mode to try and see if I could possibly spam recall to get results but with no effect. When trying /unstuck, I lost the ability to interact with everything, including doors and operator mode. 3. Sometimes sentient on the murex become invulnerable despite no immunode being present.
  4. Additionally, this bug also removes the ability to interact with objects such as thralls, alarms, or mobile defense objectives.
  5. I can also confirm this. Please save my fashion frame.
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