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  1. No, that is the feeling of being a support/healer. Nurture that and cherish it.
  2. Well i was burnt out, NW game me literally nothing new to do and everything would have been a chore and made me even less likely to come back.
  3. Hence why with both camps i've given Warframe a hard pass for most of this season. *aside from actual content drops*
  4. Bit hard to do when what the devs have in mind as awesome don't equate to what we the consumer and community thinks is awesome.
  5. You keep saying that and yet every since nightwave was launch you've ridiculed every one who's disagreed with you. You've always attacked nightwave's disinters and made it very clear that they weren't allowed an opinion if it went against yours. That right there is ridicule.
  6. See thanks for proving my point.
  7. Oh noes how dare DE cater to the majority of the community and not the rather vocal, vile and demeaning minority. "deal with it cos I'm allowed an opinion" Funny you say that, since you and others like you made it very clear that nightwave dissenters weren't allowed an opinion.
  8. Funny thing, DE had planned on talking about the changes to prime vaults but the fire alarm stopped that. A E-cleb didn't bring about change.
  9. This is just Epic Games showing that they're willing to be the anti consumer monopoly to Steams free market. Stop with the Chinaphobia.
  10. What MR does sorties unlock at? That might be the reason.
  11. No, because that's logical and reasonable and this community is anything but that.
  12. Been saying this whenever someone whines about difficulty.
  13. By saying that they're not going to fix ANY of the issues, even the glaring ones that have ruined NightWaves first and only first impression. Only to then go and change one, just ONE challenge out of all the others that were bugged, overly tedious or exclusionary. That's arrogance!
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