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  1. LupisV0lk

    Vauban the interception GOD

    Can't mindlessly pew, pew.
  2. LupisV0lk

    Railjack should be PvP

    There would be if it wasn't for the fact that so many here get driven to "reeeee" when a dissenting voice is heard.
  3. LupisV0lk

    Too many open worlds in Warframe

    Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's invalidated. Stop with this "I hate it, therefore it's not X" narrative. We had this with the CoNtEnT DrOuGhTeRs who hand waved away three quarters of the to push their narrative.
  4. By the simple virtue that it is a mockery. DE ought to be more professional in regards to this.
  5. Yeah gotta admit this is rather unprofessional behaviour on DE's behalf.
  6. Because it IS expensive. Best get that through your thick skull mate. Price and maintenance cost are pretty big reasons to not do it, how ever there is a second one, Infrastructure both server and game. Does the server support the game's Infrastructure and does the game support the server Infrastructure. But hey, it's just easier to declare the other side teh uneducated bad guys.
  7. LupisV0lk

    DE now has Serious Competition

    Bungo is Bungo now with out Atci-Bliz being the abusive father. DE ain't got nothing to worry about.
  8. Warframe Dancing minigame. Plz~❤️❤️❤️
  9. Can we stop with the clemming trend chasing. BR peaked ages ago and is now in the dying phase.
  10. LupisV0lk

    Shield Only melee weapon? just an idea

    I'd kill for a shield only melee weapon.
  11. Add a subscription and i leave, i'd wager others would as well. Subscription games are a cancer that thankfully are dying off. Also if, and i say if i supported it i'd have to hold DE to a massively higher standard of quality due to that subscription service.
  12. LupisV0lk

    Chat Suspension Ruin Warframe

    Not quick enough. To answer the OP: Play stupid games, Win stupid prizes!
  13. Well sorry bucko but that's the truth. Dedicated servers are frigging expensive. There are times when even AAA games struggle to cover their costs.
  14. LupisV0lk

    An Idea To Keep New Player Playing

    The fact that it's not the game some people want it to be apparently?
  15. LupisV0lk

    Ember is up to par

    The crux of many issues heaped onto this forum.