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  1. I've had two since Jovian. Both when i was in a mission.
  2. I've just been stuck with crashes when i'm in missions.
  3. For those of us in Aussie land it'll either be the 22nd or 23rd unless it's released on Friday the 24th.
  4. Not worth the ubermench burn out.
  5. Well i was burnt out, NW game me literally nothing new to do and everything would have been a chore and made me even less likely to come back.
  6. Hence why with both camps i've given Warframe a hard pass for most of this season. *aside from actual content drops*
  7. Remove the time limitation exclusivity. Else you'll have 85% of the community burnt out after the first "season".
  8. Think you meant to put Lazy, press 4 to win in there.
  9. The new resources added in with Fortuna 2: Electric Boogaloo really need to be looked at. They shouldn't be only found in heists, they should be uncommon/rare rewards from bounties and dropped from the medium sized spider bots.
  10. So you allow misinformation and lies to spread? Wonderful. > DE releases PA. Has sugatura and operator cosmetics. > Warframe forum proceeds to flip their tables and REE. > DE adds a helmet. > Suddenly PA goes from trash no buy to cash grab? WTF mate?
  11. No i Called them out for that they are. Especially since people whined and moaned about the PA and DE gave us an extra item, failing to see how that is "quote" a cash grab.
  12. There is no reason. Cash Grab is a bloody buzzword these days.
  13. Oh it's very much the case. This community/forum seems to have a real hard on for not wanting to play the game and yet want everything given to them while crying the mythical CoNtEnT DrOuGhT.
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